Skunks love to destruction up our vegetables in search of grubs. Our late Doberman supplied to enjoy late night backyard skunk hunting expeditions which never finished well for him. Because that years I’ve offered bird netting to keep them out of my vegetables beds. The problem with bird netting is that it’s a pain to work-related with–it catches on things, tangles up, and also occasionally traps a bird. I dislike the stuff. It took me 16 year to realize the I might exclude skunks native the entire backyard. Every it bring away is a simple strategy: know thy enemy.

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Our brand-new back gate. Hope the skunks will be scared by the Seneca stencil.

Skunks can’t climbSkunks, uneven raccoons and possums, are poor climbers. I noted that they to be able to rise up on mine straw bales, yet that’s around as high together they can go (18″ or so.) . Our backyard has a six-foot fence all roughly it. Yet skunks are also great diggers. Thankfully, there’s a partially buried chain attach fence along many of the perimeter of the backyard. Along the earlier there’s a concrete slab. However there are a few weak spot wherein skunks can dig under the fence.

I knew the at the very least two locations that were open, critter highways right into our backyard. In ~ these 2 spots ns bent part hardware towel into an together shape, attached the top part to the fence and partially hidden the lower part in the ground. I also closed one awkward space in a fence we share with a neighbor. Finally, ns sheathed the chain link gate to the backyard with wood to do it an ext attractive and also skunk proof.

TroubleshootingTo see if my skunk defenses hosted up, i scattered some flour around the gaps in the fence I had fixed. If skunks controlled to acquire in they would certainly leave tracks in the flour. Here’s what ns discovered:

My new skunk proofing to be not keeping skunks out–it was maintaining them in. I discovered tracks in the flour on the within of the fence whereby they to be trying to get out. I additionally saw the skunk late at night.

Understanding urban Skunk HabitatIn the wild skunks destruction dens or live in hollowed out logs. In urban locations they like to take up residence in keen spaces and also under decks. (Design tip: avoid developing skunk habitat in the first place through making certain these types of spaces are not accessible.) I doubt that there may be a skunk or 2 living under our earlier shed. This burned is together old as the residence (almost 100 years) and also can’t it is in skunk proofed on every sides because of its setting. I’m going to have to drive it out. The most common technique I’ve found of evicting skunks requires playing a radio all night (finally, a great use for late night radio hold George Noory!).

Skunk breedingI’ve got a deadline. Skunks breed in the spring. Critical year we had an entire skunk family that would certainly graze in the backyard every night. Kinda cute, but an extremely annoying. My setup is to have actually the skunks evicted prior to they do babies.

Skunks in to crawl spaces and also basementsIn addition to our backyard woes, some critter regulated to rip open the crawl an are access door top top the side of ours house. This could mean that I have actually skunks in the basement as well as under the shed. To evict every little thing is living down there, I’m going come rig up a live catch so that it becomes a one-way exit. (I’ll perform a separate article on this technique.)t. This enables animals come leave but not come back in. You have to check the trap and also reset the every day. I execute this to prevent trapping pets in the keen space–I’d hate to trap a bad cat down there.

I likewise plan on utilizing the one-way departure trap come evict the skunk or skunks the are now trapped in the backyard. I’ll rig up the catch by the earlier gate, placed on George Noory, and also hope for the best.

Trapping or KillingTrapping and relocating skunks doesn’t work. It’s not really a a humane option since they typically die in their new location. Killing the skunks outright simply makes room for one more skunk to relocate in. The finest thing you can do is simply make your yard inhospitable.

Working with skunksOnce plants space well created skunks aren’t lot of a problem. Where I don’t desire to have to take every these preventative steps (such together the prior yard) I’ve got fruit trees, indigenous plants and also cardoons–things skunks can’t uproot. The two vegetable beds I have actually in the prior yard need to be encased in bird netting due to the fact that there’s no means to fence in the entire front garden (it’s a steep slope).

I inferred the skunks are an enemy earlier in this post. The fact is the skunks are right here to stay and also are component of our urban ecosystem. Castle have discovered a niche and keep figeater beetles, who larvae they yes, really like, in check. The said, ns still don’t desire them in our vegetables beds. Yet what I’ve argued in this short article is one exclusionary strategy fairly than a death based strategy.

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Understand skunk behavior, reproduction patterns and territory.Reduce habitat.Secure keen spaces and also decks prior to breeding season begins.Observe and also troubleshoot.If all else fails, protect against worrying and also learn to live through them.

Are skunks a difficulty for you? how do you attend to them?