Hi,I have actually 2 peachicks and also they are getting bigger and now I know I have actually 2 males. Whereby we obtained them they claimed I could lug one earlier if that happened and also give me a female, so thats great.My concern is deserve to I move these right into a large run with some of my chicken in the barn for this reason they have an ext room and are an ext protected native weather?If I relocate should that be in ~ night together well? clock chickens and also make sure they dont pick on the peacocks?The peachicks space not really tiny anymore, pretty an excellent sized, castle have got to be 4 months - 6months old. Their necks are getting blue and also green sheen ~ above them. Can I relocate them right into the large pen through flock that chickens?Thanks for any kind of suggestions,.Angela

My peacock was with my chickens, but since it was a baby. Not sure about if they space older, yet I would think girlfriend could.

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i have actually one that i acquired on july 14th. The biger than the chickens, and beginning to obtain the green/blue sheen on them. Mine has actually been with the chickens, cost-free ranges v them,comes back in through them at night, and runs come the rooster once he calls because that food.she acts favor a chicken and also she acts choose my older peacock isint also there.

I not mix mine v chicken,because that disease. Various other than that they gain along fine with chickens. Make sure you store all wormed chicken and peafowl. The will cut down top top disease.Some chicken can carry blackhead without damage to lock ,but deadly come peafowl and also turkey. Not all however some do, reason you hear whereby some world dont have trouble running them together. Various other start shedding peafowl.

Mine to be hatched by a chicken. She go a great job elevating them. Currently that they room huge.... Twice the size of the chickens, they look to the tobacco barn come roost in. Ns was fortunate that no an illness was passed to them. I am very picky about my hen home though, and I save it clean. However as much as habits with the flock... They room doing great, they are of course lower on the pecking poll but they recognize their place.

I to be able to put my peafowl next to the chicken coup for around a main in a tractor coop and also let them acquire used to every other. Once I ultimately let the peacock and two peahens out, castle all acquired along without any type of issues.
My one peacock is through my chickens he more than likely thinks that is a chicken as I do not have actually anymore peachicks. He roosts through the Gunieas and my showgirl chickens. As soon as in a when the hens will pick ~ above him however only at the feed bowl...

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Keeping them through chickens is risky. I have only had troubles when introducing adult peafowl come chickens, as soon as they have never been housed together chickens.
I would definatly advise versus it. Those that perform are just an extremely lucky. These guys arent together tuff as chickens, any upland style bird, peafowl, pheasant, turkeys, quail, grouse.... Have to all be maintained away from chickens and waterfowl if at all possible, for the reasonsa Deerman mentioned. It may take years, or just days, yet eventually girlfriend will have actually a good chance of loosing them end it from disease.You"d be far better off totally free ranging them end penning them together. They have the right to take the weather better than folks give them credit for!
Can ns ask a question? I have my peafowl in the 40X150 ft. Fenced "free ranging" area. The peas space 8 months, as room the chickens and also the ducks, that are housed inside the fence. We just finished this setup top top Saturday. Is over there something we require to change in this situation?
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