My dog just loves the heating pad. He"d sit on it every day if ns left it on because that him!

I keep my residence at a heat 68-70 degrees (f), but even climate he"ll still curl up on the heating pad.

Is the OK because that my dog to invest a lot of time top top the heating pad?

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My dog additionally likes to it is in warm, and it"s true that your pet is likely to move out that the area if he/she is too hot. I"d store an eye ~ above the pad come be sure there"s no chance of burns (keep a blanket between) and occasionally revolve a night or two without the pad. It"s quite feasible that her dog has end up being accustomed more to the area the mat is kept and also prefers come sleep in that area, or enjoys the the cloth holds several of his/her scent. I view not damage in a pup who enjoys tropical temperatures, so long as castle have access to water and also the pad is used with safety in mental :)


I agree through previous answers. As lengthy as you can keep an eye on him and also there"s a blanket over it, he"ll move if the gets as well hot.



Just placed a bath towel or blanket over it, just like you would through a human and also a heating pad. Don"t forget to revolve it turn off at night.

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