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From time to time we have actually customers ask around sealing your decals. Generally they are using decals to a board or tile and want to make it last for countless years. Here we have a little info around decal stickers and polurethane.

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If you are ordering a wall decal, it must be a matte finish and the adhesive is not super strong (to permit you to take it it turn off without wrecking your painted walls). Right here is a photo of what can occur if you use a special coat the polyurethane end a wall decal sticker.

Polyurethane can cause the edges of the decal come curl. Currently I am no saying you can not seal your decal sticker.... Us have had actually customers tell united state they have actually done that without any kind of problems.
If you have actually a wall Decal (matte finish and not super-strong adhesive), use a very light cloak of polyurethane. Mode Podge is one more product the I have actually heard client state they have actually used over their wall decal stickers. The polyurethane has tendency to curl the edge of a vinyl sticker and also with the lighter adhesive, the stamin of the adhesive have the right to break down.... ~ above a wall surface Decal Sticker.

Another aspect on the over board can have been the seams of the hardwood - this permitted the polyurethane to seep under the decal sticker just a bit and this reaction adversely v the adhesive ~ above the decal sticker.
When our customer sent out us this picture with "Help!" together the subject line, we argued we get her an additional decal (we generally offer a mess-up decal replacement at half price). The 2nd decal sticker would certainly be made through the GLOSSY out grade material, though
The glossy was not a element seeing the polyurethane she added made the decal glossy-looking anyway. And also our out grade material has actually a much stronger adhesive... Once that sticker sticks come a spot, there is very small chance you need to pick the up and also move it to a correct spot! for this reason the more powerful adhesive of ours Glossy vinyl product was a much much better fit because that this project. The strength of the adhesive permitted for a strong application to the wood and therefore wouldn"t curl the edge of the decal as soon as a irradiate coat that polyurethane was applied.
Generally a seal is not essential for a decal made through our Glossy outdoor grade material, but if you desire to feeling safer, go ahead and apply a coat over your decal, but, please, make it a light coat! The beanbag toss board picture below is an instance of making use of a light sealant coat over height the decal stickers.

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