Those who have actually lived in cooler climates will understand that there room times once you require something extra to warm up in bed, various other than what the radiator deserve to provide. An electrical heating pad is the most famous solution in that regard, but for those who need to use a mattress protector too, the poses a dilemma.

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Can you put a mattress protector over an electric blanket? Is the safe? carry out you put it over or under the blanket? will the blanket administer enough warmth if you put the sheathe on top? These space all precious queries, which might not have as straightforward response as you might imagine.

This short article is expected to resolve these really questions, and also should hopefully assist you decision how ideal to incorporate your mattress cover through an electric blanket.

Can You usage A Protector alongside A Blanket?

The brief answer is yes. Contemporary electric blankets are designed with safety attributes that must eliminate any chance that a fire beginning due come overheating brought about by an added layer of plastic and also fabric. Together this is the concern that issues most individuals, you should know at the really least that you can integrate a cover and an electric blanket these days.

A hazard of fire does, however, exist in older electric blankets, that lack an auto-shutoff attribute in situation of overheating led to by having actually a protector on height of the blanket. You can verify whether your blanket has this feature or not by carefully perusing the manual that comes v it.


Blanket On height Of Cover

This technique is suited to people who are more intent ~ above warming up your bed 보다 they are concerned about protecting it versus the threats defined above. The blanket is able to sell you warm directly, without any issues with build-up since the sheathe is underneath it – thus, even older blankets with no self-shut-off mechanism deserve to be offered safely in this manner.

This will, of course, reveal the blanket to every those harmful agents that the protector to be intended come guard against. Fluids in particular may attitude a shock danger if the wiring inside the blanket has been frayed at any point.



As far as putting a cover end a blanket goes, you have your price in the type of a yes. But you will certainly now have actually seen that there is more to it than that – you could even put the cover in ~ the blanket, relying on your certain situation:

Start by deciding what the priority is because that you – heating the bed, or protecting it against fluids and also allergens. Next, read the product details of both the blanket and also the mattress cover, come become completely aware the their use e.g. An auto-shutoff feature for the former, and breathability for the latter.

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Use the answers to these concerns to select the most useful configuration because that yourself. Feel complimentary to leave your questions and comments below, and I will try to answer lock as ideal as ns can.