I offered to have a really severe, awful overbite. I got so concerned with that that, one day, I simply started to host my mouth in a place where it need to be - forcefully willing it to not be one overbite anymore.

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After about, 3 job of the agony, my mouth started to shift. I no longer had to hold it, and also every work it began to get much more and much more an normal, until eventually, it rest in a perfect position.

Now ns don't have actually an overbite no longer - in ~ all. Mine mouth doesn't hurt, I have the right to bit fine, and also my jaw doesn't shift anymore. A perfect laugh - other than for part crooked teeth.

Did I carry out something wrong and also hurt my jaw? ns though what i was doing, essentially, to be what braces do.

Also, I have pictures of mine teeth throughout the overbite and can take them now, if girlfriend don't think me. I have actually two crooked teeth that much more or less prove they are the very same mouth. The only difference is I have whitened them since then.

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I'm skeptical. Likewise because of it just taking 3 days.

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