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It’s basic to run to the conclusion that being referred to as “cute” is a negative thing.

It can feel…pandering. Toddlers are cute, so space puppies.

“But i’m a woman,” you say. You’re intelligent, mature, and also sexy. You desire to be dubbed gorgeous, stunning, and beautiful. Not…cute.

You’re definitely all of those things, and also so much more. And also while, yes, being called cute all the time might get a little old, the truth is that the word means different points to different guys. And also it almost always means something really good.

When I speak to a girl cute, it’s never ever that condescending idea of gift “cute” the you can tend come think that is. That something else entirely.

My compliment can mean a wide selection of things–depending on the circumstances, the reason, and the girl that I’m call cute.


Not necessarily. When there are a wide variety of points it have the right to mean (and i’ll go through a handful of them), it is in nearly every scenario a very an excellent compliment. The man is calling friend cute because that a really special reason.

Okay, therefore what do guys mean when they call you that you’re cute?

Here are 13 large reasons why the cute man just dubbed you cute.

1) he’s smitten with you

“Cute” often tends come refer to much more than simply outward looks.

If a guy calls girlfriend cute, it could since he’s smitten with you. Every minute he spends v you he enjoys, everything around you he is enamored with.

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Some of the time I’ve referred to as a girl cute, it’s for this reason. Suddenly I realized the I’d fallen a small in love v her, and felt overwhelmed through the need to tell her, in some way, just how I felt.

And it came out together calling her cute.

2) he adores every kinds of things about you

Kind of along the present of the critical one, he might be calling girlfriend cute since he adores every kinds of things around you.

If it’s simply your looks that he’s calling girlfriend cute for, it’s simple to see how that might be a little bit annoying, but it virtually always method something more.

He enjoys every moment with you, the means you look, the method you move, the way you talk, the things that you talk about.

He likes the way you touch her hair, the way your voice alters when you acquire excited around something, or the jokes the you tell.

Here space some big signs he likes you however is hiding it.

When he calls you cute, he could be hinting at the numerous things the adores about you.

3) he is flirting v you

Calling a girl cute is a relatively low-key method to get the flirting ball rolling. If you’re concerned around why he called you cute, or what it meant, don’t anxiety too much around it. He could just it is in flirting through you.

If he’s someone you space interested in, too, nothing be fear to flirt ago a little bit, you can be surprised to watch where it goes.

If she interested, calling him cute ago or flirting v him in some other ways can just lead to some serious sparks.

What’s the best way to flirt back?

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4) He think you’re yes, really funny

There’s other undeniably attractive about a girl that is really funny. Constantly laughing and also making civilization laugh. Humor, because that both sexes, is an attractive trait.

He can find your subtle sense of feeling really attractive, too. You can not tell jokes every the time, or shot to make people laugh; the doesn’t median he can’t appreciate your humor.

But he sees the small things you say, the wry commentary you have around things, and it cd driver him crazy.

He loves it as soon as you do him laugh, and also that can be a reason why he called you cute.

5) You’re enjoyable to be around


There’s naught like an excellent company, of either gender.

If he calls you cute, it could be an innocent means for him come tell you the he really just enjoys being approximately you.

Your firm is a delight for him: the conversations girlfriend have, the places you go, the method you look in ~ the world and also interact through it.

All the those things are enjoyable because that him to it is in around, therefore he can’t help but compliment you and tell you exactly how cute friend are.

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In this respect, he can be speak it as a friend, who who’s simply admiring how incredible you are as a person being. It can be more, too, however if you’re enjoyable to be around, there’s no denying it.

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7) He wants to say more but is as well nervous

For the same factor that it’s straightforward to begin flirting through someone by calling castle cute, a guy might call you cute if he desires to say more, but is as well nervous.

Calling girlfriend cute is a fairly low-pressure means to tell you the he likes you, is interested in you, and finds you really attractive. It’s a great starting ar to call someone the you choose them and also might it is in interested in an ext than simply friendship

He might be as well shy to say more. He can be a tiny bit intimidated by exactly how incredible and amazing you are.

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If he has any type of reservations about expressing how he truly feels about you, calling you cute could be the bravest point he’s claimed so far.

8) he is not simply talking about your looks

When a guy is complimenting your looks, he’s more than likely going to select words choose “beautiful”, “stunning”, “gorgeous”, or “pretty”.

If he is calling you cute, he’s probably referring to more than simply your looks.

He can be talking about your mannerisms, the way you move, walk, talk, and exist. The not simply a superficial means of complimenting how pretty you space on the outside.

Rather, that a method to describe something almost indescribable about you. A certain, “je ne sais quoi,” as they say in French. He’s a little bit overwhelmed through what come compliment first, or how to define the method he’s feeling.

So the calls girlfriend cute, as a means to encapsulate every the ways he’s feeling around you.

Does it seem like he’s fighting his feelings for you? below are some large signs he is, and also what to do about it.

9) the loves your smile and also your laugh

I’m a huge sucker because that a girl’s laugh. Something about it constantly cuts with my toughest armor and makes my heart melt.

That and also a good smile. Every smile is a great smile, that course. There’s something extra special as soon as that distinct someone is the one smiling, and it inspires many guys to speak to a girl cute.

If you’re wondering what on planet it might mean once he dubbed you cute, the could an extremely well be the he’s fallen a tiny bit in love with your smile or your laugh.

10) he’s daydreaming about making friend his girlfriend

While the 2 of you room hanging out, he can let it slip the he think you’re cute. Possibly it was out of the blue. Was it miscellaneous you were doing that inspired him to say it? to be it something girlfriend said?

In the moment, he could have to be a little bit overwhelmed and also let it slip out.

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Or it’s possible that he could’ve been really intentional about telling you the you’re cute.

Either way, his head could have been elsewhere entirely, daydreaming around what it would be prefer to be her boyfriend.

The indigenous cute can slip the end while he’s busy thinking about how lot he likes you. He let it on slide while he realized just exactly how infatuated that is v you.

Or just exactly how much he desires to make you his girlfriend.

He dubbed you cute since he to be daydreaming about all of the cute things you could be act together, all those dates you might be going on.

Those things might be filling his head when you’re spending time together, and also he lets slip that he think you’re cute.

Here room 26 much more signs he wants you to it is in his girlfriend.

11) the doesn’t want to lay points on as well thick

He can be calling girlfriend cute because he’s acquired the feels because that you hardcore.

It’s feasible he’s currently fallen head end heels for you and also is hopelessly in love v everything about you.

But, that doesn’t want to fear you off.

So that calls girlfriend cute, in an initiative to play it cool and also hide just how smitten that is with you.

Instead of telling you the thousands of reasons he’s hopelessly in love with you, the calls friend cute instead.

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What’s that phrase around overwatering your plants, again?

If that has any kind of hope of furthering a connection with you, he needs to play his cards right. If you’re scared off too soon, who he going come tell is cute every the time?

12) He’s infatuated with you

When that calls you cute, there’s a possibility he’s ending up being infatuated through you.

Infatuation is intense passion and attraction.

Maybe you do every little thing right — you kind, funny, and, logically speaking, you’d make a an excellent girlfriend.

But when it involves men, it just doesn’t occupational for you.

The basic truth is that males don’t choose women because that “logical reasons”. Girlfriend can’t lure a male by ticking every the boxes of what a “perfect girl” looks like.

Instead, men construct deep and also intense feeling for ladies they space infatuated with. These ladies stir up red-hot feel of emotion and also attraction

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13) He wants to gain cuddly

It might seem insulting the he’s calling friend cute, but remember the there are many cutesy points that we all reap in a relationship, nevertheless of our sex or age.

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He can be thinking around all of the ways he wants to obtain cutesy through you when he calls you cute.

Maybe he desires to do you breakfast in bed, cuddle with you in a blanket fort, throw document airplanes turn off a tall building, or follow each other through the highways in the rain and also kiss under a streetlight.

Who doesn’t desire that?

I know I do. And if a guy calls friend cute, he can just it is in planning out all the cute points he desires to carry out with you.

But what if he’s acting choose your boyfriend and also doesn’t want a relationship? this is a few important reasons.

So what should I say when he call me cute?


How girlfriend respond come a male who calls friend cute depends entirely upon you, the method you feel about him, and what friend want.

If the way he calls girlfriend cute makes you uncomfortable or offends you, nothing be fear to snub his advances.

If you think he’s pretty cute, too, that’s a various story. Carry out you want to flirt back and see where it goes?

Here’s a few good responses if you execute want come reciprocate.

That makes two of us. Therefore he referred to as you cute, and you’re no sure how to respond. Saying this is a quick, flippant means to phone call him the you think he’s cute, too. It’s funny and witty, and he’s bound to find you all that much more irresistible as soon as he hears you speak this.

Means a lot, coming from you. Another great way to accept the compliment while additionally redirecting it ago at him, speak this is both witty and clever. And cute. It’s a great way to placed the press right earlier on him, providing him one even far better compliment while accepting his.

You must be rubbing off on me. This one could be the cheesiest that the three, however it’s definitely–well–cute. If a guy hears you say this after the calls friend cute, hell be flattered and maybe also a small bit flustered. At the an extremely least he’ll think you’re also cuter 보다 he assumed possible.

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But what if the male who just referred to as you cute is a guy that you’re just not interested in?

Or what if the method he dubbed you cute just rubbed you the dorn way?

More likely than not, he’s simply trying to it is in nice. So uneven he’s being extra creepy or condescending, it’s it s okay to it is in nice back.

That’s no to to speak you need to be tacit, or expropriate his advances just because that the benefits of being “nice”.

People tend to confuse being nice v acertain type of weakness, and that’s just not an extremely healthy.

If a man’s breakthroughs make you uncomfortable, nothing be fear to shut the down.

Here room some ways to answers if that calls you cute and also you just aren’t interested.

Thanks, I gain that a lot. A great way to present your strength and confidence, when still being thankful for the compliment. The a small bit flippant, however that have the right to work well in your favor.

I know. This one is a tiny bit much less polite yet works fine if you need to shut down specifically forward or upsetting guy. Acknowledging the compliment and moving on there is no playing in addition to his attempt to flirt is a surefire method to offer him the message that you’re simply not interested. Besides, you are cute, and you do understand it.

Thanks, I in reality showered today. This is a good option if direct confrontation is a tiny more daunting for you. The humor and also unexpected nature the this one is a great way to accept the compliment and also deflect his advances. It’s no something you’d intend to hear, i m sorry is why it works so well.


Understanding why a guy dubbed you cute can be a little of a complicated task. Make note of when he stated it, what you were doing, and what to be happening.

Context clues can offer you a really great picture regarding why he felt the need to speak to you cute.

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The likelihood is the he meant something incredibly flattering by it, even if her initial reaction to the word is negative.

Being referred to as cute by a guy points to part level the attraction deeper than just the surface. Other intangible around your really nature compels a guy to speak to you cute.

It’s her looks, however it’s also much more than that.

And if she unsure exactly how to respond to a man who just referred to as you cute, remember the being nice is a an excellent place come start, yet not constantly the ideal option. Make certain to pole to her boundaries, and if he’s making girlfriend uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to shut him down and also walk away.

While being dubbed cute might not always be what you want to hear, in ~ the finish of the job it’s a flattering compliment.

Understanding why he called you cute could eventually lead to an exciting new relationship if that’s what you’re looking for.

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