Pet owners might think that fruits and veggies make good snacks because that pets; the fact is some deserve to be harmful—and also toxic—to her dog.

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Beware that Grapes and Raisins

According come Pet poison Helpline, grapes and also raisins have been well-known to reason acute renal (kidney) failure in dog that have ingested big amounts.

With kidney failure, a pet’s capability to produce urine decreases, which way they space unable come filter toxins out of your system. Unfortunately, the factor for kidney failure and the lot of grapes/raisins necessary to be toxic to pet is unknown, therefore all situations of ingestion have the potential to be grave. Relying on the dimension of the dog, as small as 4 grapes/raisins have the right to have one adverse effect on her fuzzy friend.

All Grapes Are possibly Hazardous

It’s tho unclear what renders grapes/raisins dangerous come pets. Bacteria or fungus the grows ~ above grapes and the pesticides or fertilizers provided in the growing process have been called as culprits because that the start of renal failure. However, dogs have actually reacted to both commercially- and also home-grown grapes, which mean that whether they room store-bought, new from the vine or dried (raisins), every are potentially dangerous to her pet.

Prevent Poisoning In the Home

Pet owners have to avoid leaving grapes and also raisins top top countertops or any type of place where a pet can snatch one as soon as they’re no looking. Pet owner should also avoid providing their dogs cookie that contain raisins, or even chocolate or yogurt-covered raisins together treats. It’s additionally important parental educate their children on what types of foods are no okay to feed Fido.

Toxicity Symptoms


Most impacted dogs that have ingested grapes have various symptoms, including lethargy, diminished appetite, muscle weakness, diarrhea, ab pain and shivers. To accurately diagnose renal failure, a veterinarian will need to take a blood and urine sample from your pet.

As always, if her pet is showing any signs the unusual behavior or any kind of of the symptoms listed above, speak to your veterinarian immediately. The previously the difficulty is identified and the appropriate treatment is started, the much better the outcome will certainly be.

Treating Grape Toxicity in Dogs

Depending on how recent the sloop down of grapes/raisins is, your veterinarian may induce vomiting in her pet and provide an activated form of charcoal to absorb any kind of excess toxin in your pet’s body. Wild treatment, such as intravenous fluid therapy and also medications—and possibly even dialysis—may be required to help keep your pet’s kidneys functioning.

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