I drink fairly a little bit of Gatorade top top the but on the weekend while doing yard work, etc. I have noticed the every Monday morning visit to the restroom yields eco-friendly poop. Any type of connection? (BTW, It’s no the dye in the Gatorade, I never ever touch the lemon-lime (green colored) flavor)

I’m going come guess that you drink purple colered Gatoraid.

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Oddly there is something in violet colored drink, that turns one’s poo into a cool color of green. (OK perhaps not cool, but it’s odd) I sent out a question into Cecil a couple of weeks ago, questioning why grape kool-aid turned her poo green.


I’ve had this occur to me together well. I think the a duty of drinking so lot of (any sort of) food dye. Ns drank an entire jug of “grape beverage” one hot summer day and had forest-green “kids” (which i then “dropped off at the pool”). Anyone who says food dye is 100% took in by the body neglects come tell you that megadoses will result in a rainbow latrine effect. Shot eating simply the red ones out of a bag of cones if you nothing agree.This could additionally be the isotonic effect of losing and replacing electrolytes with sweat. Try regular water v .5 tsp of salt and a tablespoon that sugar fairly than Gatorade. Same an easy composition and it’s cheaper.

FD&C blue dye #1. You’ll discover it in artificially fancy blue, green, purple, and sometimes red (yes, red) drinks. Likewise in frostings, jello, etc. In that selection of colors. In big quantities the can reason that disturbing eco-friendly shade as soon as it comes out the other end …

This may be TMI but…

I had actually the same problem with it turning up red rather of green. It to be on and off because that a few weeks. After worrying about it for a while, I virtually got increase the nerve to go to the doctor yet then ns realized what it was. I had actually been purchase those large vats the red licorice native COSTCO. Anytime I would certainly run out, it would certainly go away. At any time I checked out the save agian it would certainly come back. Good thing I recorded it before I witnessed the Doc!

On a partial side note my chemistry teacher this last year told united state that if you to be to ingest Bromo Blue, your urine would be blue. Also, if girlfriend ingested phenothalein then your urine would be black.

I wonder if everyone has ever before compiled a perform of how certain chemicals influence one’s bodily excretions. That would certainly make for an amazing time in the chem lab.


Then yes sir the B vitamin (I forget which one, B-12?) that renders your to pee a bright, practically flourescent, orange.

I supplied the Google search engine because that my web browser (Internet traveler version 7)


If I may be therefore bold as to suggest downloading and also trying Netscape Navigator together your browser. I’m certain you’ll be pleased.

I acquire that indigenous grape flavored beverages also (except grape juice, I typical ones that have actually a dye agent included to do them purple).

other flavors like fruit punch, orange, etc do not cause stool shade changes.

For the life the me, I deserve to not recognize what shade it is! Oy vey! Is that blue? Is it purple? don’t say the is both.

But simply as friend mix blue paint and yellow paint to make green paint,you can explain one colour together a mix of two others … fine there are two species of colours

spectral. Those that have the right to be uncovered in the rainbow or other spectrum. You can explain the colour as one frequency, or one wavelength, or the sum of a minimum that two various other colours.

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nonspectral. Eg brown. Those that cannot be found in the rainbow, and they can not be defined as a solitary frequency, and depending on your primary colours and selection of +ive (light, such as from lamps or pixels ~ above a display screen ) and -ve (eg paint and dye) system, might require three or much more primary colour to explain reasonably accurately. These colours space white, through notches that the spectrum chopped out.