Considering that fruits and also greens comprise the better part of a moustache dragon’s diet, you could be questioning yourself whether it would be a great idea to provide dandelions to her beardie. The short answer is yes, your beardie can eat dandelions. Those more, these plants space packed v nutrients that are immensely advantageous to moustache dragons.

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In this article, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about feeding dandelions to your bearded dragon.

Why need to You feed Dandelions to her Bearded Dragon?

Dandelions are straightforward to find and also can be great addition to her bearded dragon’s diet.  The adhering to are factors why you have to absolutely serve them to her pet.

Images Credit: yann ferlaak, Pixabay

Dandelion Leaves space a good Source of Calcium

Dandelion greens are few of the most calcium-rich vegetables out there. Photo this: 100 grams of these greens contain up to 187 mg that calcium. In comparison, broccoli contains only around 47 mg that calcium, if spinach bear 99 mg of the mineral per 100 grams.

Calcium, together vitamin D3, is arguably the most important nutrient come bearded dragons. Without it, this reptiles end up being vulnerable come a hold of health and wellness conditions, including metabolic bone disease.

This is defined by the complying with symptoms:

It additionally does not assist that every bearded dragons space predisposed come this condition.

Dandelion Greens have actually a Well-Balanced Phosphorus to Calcium Ratio

When it pertains to feeding beardies, the beneficial facet of calcium in a certain food is naturally dependent top top the level of phosphorus in that food.

This is since phosphorus binds calcium, thus avoiding it from getting took in into the body. Together such, if a food contains high level of calcium but additionally equal or higher levels that phosphorus, the calcium content will be that no value when consumed by her dragon.

The best sources of calcium, therefore, contain a lot an ext calcium than they perform phosphorus. The ideal ratio is 2:1, definition that there should be at least 2 mg that calcium for every mg that phosphorus.

Dandelion greens do more than meet the minimum requirement, as their calcium to phosphorus proportion is 3:1, definition that 75% the its calcium content is useful to the beardie.

Image Credit: S. Hermann & F. Richter, Pixabay

They are a Rich source of vitamins A & K

Dandelion greens are additionally rich in vitamins A and K. Vitamin A supports bone and also reproductive health, if vitamin K also promotes bone wellness in addition to wound healing.

Nonetheless, despite the services of vitamin A, you should exercise fist to protect against vitamin A toxicity. Therefore, if you have your beardie top top a multivitamin, you could want to minimize the dose once feeding dandelion greens to your dragon.

The Flowers space Rich in Beta Carotene and Antioxidants

Beta carotene allows bearded dragons to absorb just the right amount of vitamin A in your bodies. Together mentioned, too much of this vitamin deserve to be toxic, and also lack of it deserve to lead to problems such as eyesight problems. Antioxidant are important in fighting cells that deserve to be harmful come the body.

Dandelion flowers are soft and also make because that a an excellent treat. But try not to feed her reptile v too plenty of flowers due to the fact that they are rather filling and are no a finish meal in themselves.


Is the Stem okay For your Bearded Dragon?

Unfortunately, no. The stem consists of milk sap which have the right to lead come indigestion especially if too much is consumed. The an excellent news is that it isn’t toxic, and your reptile is unlikely to acquire seriously sick. The finest thing is to avoid the trunk as much as possible.

How often Should You feeding Dandelions to her Bearded Dragon?

It is okay to make dandelions a staple part of her pet’s diet. However, to stop monotony, consider adding dandelions to the salad the you commonly feed her dragon. Several of the usual ingredients in a beardie’s salad bowl incorporate arugula, collards, and also mustard greens. Include dandelions into the mix, and your beardie will certainly appreciate it immensely.

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Image Credit: Milchdrink, Pixabay

Some points To Note

If you are buying from the store, make certain to buy new dandelions Young dandelions are the many nutritious lot prevent dandelions that can be contaminated through chemicals cut the leaves and also flowers into small pieces to do them easier to digest


Dandelions are some of the finest plants friend can give to her bearded dragon. They room not only rich in essential elements but likewise can be used as a treat. And the an excellent thing is that they are in your ar available. Let her reptile gain them yet be mindful with the stems.