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Mods.........Ricochet skid plates K & N air filter (GONE)ITP Mud Lite XTR radials (stk size)Stealth CVT snorkel (XMR Kit)Db0500 Dalton clutch kit
My Outlander 07 500 was in the shop getting the updated cvt housing put on so I told the dealer throw a set of new plugs on at the same time (had never been changed). Now my idle fluctuates more now than before. 1250--1300 was what it usually idled now 1100--1350 is what I"m getting now. The bike has no hesitation when on the gas an runs great, but what is causing the idle to hunt like that. Does the dealer re-map anything (fuel/air/rpm) after changing the plugs?
The only thing I can think of and I have never removed the plugs yet so I don"t know how the spark plug wire is attached to spark plug but I would double check and make sure they have it snapped on, or maybe they set the gap wrong on the plug. They might have changed the heat range or quality of plug,, don"t know why they would do that but who knows.
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