It may be sad come think about, but, favor humans, guinea pigs deserve to break your tiny legs.

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If they break your leg, you need to take them come a guinea pig certified veterinarian. Execute not shot to treat it by yourself. Your guinea pig will require medication and a shunt.

Common methods Guinea Pigs have the right to Break their Legs

There space several ways that guinea pigs can break your leg. One means is for them to be mishandled and mistreated.

This have the right to either come native the hand of a devilish breeder that doesn’t care about there guinea pigs, or that could additionally come from a tiny child who doesn’t understand how strong they are contrasted to the guinea pig.

Another method they deserve to break your leg is from to run away native a predator or a perceived danger. If they are in your cage, guinea pigs easily fleeing can gain their feet stuck in the wires ~ above the walls of your enclosure, wrapped roughly cords, or might trip on an item on your cage floor.

One various other reason a guinea pig can break their leg is that they go not receive the suitable nutrition in their beforehand life. Guinea pigs need a many calcium once they room runts.

The require for calcium is why countless guinea pig guides tell you to feed them Alfalfa rather of hay till they are mature adults. Alfalfa has a the majority of calcium, which will help them type their bones into the correct structures and strengthen them.

If a guinea pig go not get the ideal amount that calcium in their diets as soon as they to be young, this can lead to improper bone formation, dilute bones, dilute teeth, and a bad immune system.

So, her furry little friend is more likely to it is in injured when doing regular activities. These varieties of guinea pigs need more care throughout your life and also should no be exposed come scary or shocking situations often.


What not To Do

Please do not ignore your guinea pig when it starts to limp. If the limp lasts for a couple of days, you need to take it to the vet. If the wound is ignored, it will either heal incorrectly and cause a life lifetime of pain, or not heal at all and cause an epidemic or damages to the muscle.

Do not shot to cure the leg without a veterinarian’s supervision. Just the vet knows just how to correctly put a splint on a guinea pig so that bone have the right to set.

Will I must Euthanize my Guinea Pig?

No, guinea pigs are not prefer horses. If lock break their leg and are can not to heal, you will not have to euthanize them. However, castle cannot proceed to have actually an unhealed damaged leg for the rest of your life. Numerous veterinarians that specialize in guinea pigs will imply that you allow them come amputate the guinea pig’s leg. This may sound drastic, yet an unhealed leg can reason further breaks and fractures down the road, and the bone particles could splinter off right into their bloodstream and cause even an ext damage or even death.

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Malnutrition, defensive running, or gift mishandled space all ways that guinea pigs deserve to break their legThere are two kinds of breaks – a an easy break and also a compound breakIf the bone rips v the skin, it will certainly be an open up wound and also must be treated quickly.Limps lasting numerous days is additionally a authorize of a leg break or fracture.To know for certain if the foot is broken, the vet will offer the guinea pigs one x-ray.If the vet trust a leg can not be healed, the leg must be amputated.