It"s illegal for someone who has actually been judge of a felony to own a firearm in Virginia. Va. Code ar 18.2-308.2 additionally makes it illegal for someone judge of a felony come possess other kinds of weapons. The various other weapons the you cannot possess space stun guns, ammunition, or any explosives. If you space convicted of own a firearm or among the various other prohibited weapons, it is a course 6 felony, which means that you can be sentenced to up to 5 years in prison.

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What Is the meaning of A Firearm?

The an interpretation of firearm is broader than you can think. A firearm is any type of instrument designed come expel a projectile by method of one explosion. The doesn"t matter whether the firearm actually works. It likewise doesn"t matter whether friend intended come shoot the firearm. The prosecutor only has to prove the you knew that you were in possession of an instrument that was designed come expel a projectile by way of one explosion. The Virginia Court that Appeals has actually held that a flare total is a firearm. The Court of Appeals has likewise held that a gas gun is not a firearm.

Can i Possess a cross Bow?

As the today"s day it walk not appear that the an interpretation of firearm has a cross bow. In other words, you deserve to possess a cross bow under Virginia state legislation if you"ve been convicted that a felony. Virginia law transforms all the time, though. So you must be careful to store yourself updated and aware that the many alters in Virginia law. For now, as lengthy as the cross bow doesn"t use some kind of one explosion to shoot arrows, it will not be thought about a firearm in Virginia.

What Is a shock Gun?

The meaning of stun gun is discovered in Virginia Code ar 18.2-308.1:

"Stun gun" means any device that emits a temporary or pulsed output, which is electrical, audible, optical or electromagnetic in nature and which is designed come temporarily incapacitate a person.

There is an exception to the regulation relating to stun guns. You have the right to possess a stun gun, even if you"ve been convicted the a felony, in your own house or in the curtilage of her home. The curtilage of your residence is the area instantly surrounding your home.

What are Explosives?

Explosives are additionally defined in Virginia Code section 18.2-308.2. The meaning if technical and also includes black color powder, dynamite, pellet powder, smokeless pistol powder, detonators, and also blasting caps. The an interpretation does not incorporate fireworks. Therefore you deserve to still own fireworks if you"ve to be convicted the a felony under Virginia law.

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What other Exceptions room There to The Law?

If you"re a legislation enforcement officer or in the military, you have the right to possess that firearm even though you"ve been convicted of a felony. However, you can only own the firearm in the course of your employment. Girlfriend can additionally possess a firearm in you"ve to be pardoned or if the branch has revived your polite rights.