Are girlfriend A Felon – Felons, black Powder Firearms, and also WisconsinAre you A Felon – Felons, black color Powder Firearms, and also Wisconsin
Can felons own and use modern black powder weapons in Wisconsin?

On November 17th this year (2018) the Wisconsin pistol deer opener starts. The regular gun season lasts because that nine complete days. I did regulate to gain myself a deer a couple of weeks ago bow hunting, but still arrangement to go to deer camp and also hunt the opener weekend.

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I’m more than likely not going come hunt the continual gun season come hard. I like being up at deer camp, but I favor the woods a little an ext quiet. The constant nine work gun season in Wisconsin sees lots of hunters in the woods. Because I hunt public land things have the right to feel a little bit crowded.

The black powder total season starts the day after the constant gun season ends, and also lasts for 7 days. Hardly anybody is the woods throughout the black color powder hunt. I prefer that a lot. Therefore yeah, i am looking front to the black color powder only season i beg your pardon I plan to hunt hard.

Felons and also Black flour Guns

A classic black powder rifle – still, if you space a felon in Wisconsin you can’t own one.

A couple of years ago a girlfriend of mine that I have actually know because that thirty-two years, due to the fact that we were children in Webolos together, do the comment that once he hunts with his black powder rifle he can’t aid but feel prefer he’s a felon. The made me laugh, however I understood what he was acquiring at.

You see, a human who has actually a felony conviction can not own firearms under federal law, yet under federal law a muzzle-loader is not thought about a firearm and also does not need a human being to to fill out any FFL paperwork prior to buying one. However, some States have their own legislations that don’t allow people convicted of felonies the right to very own a muzzle-loader.

Wisconsin is among those States. Under Wisconsin regulation if you space convicted that a felony you room breaking the regulation if you buy, own, or store a black color powder rifle in your home or on residential or commercial property you own.

I Didn’t recognize That

Public domain photo of wilhelm Henry McCarty Jr, otherwise known as Billy the Kid. He more than likely wouldn’t have cared around any firearm laws…

For the longest time I thought that a convicted felon can own a black color powder fun and also hunt. Luckily i don’t have to worry about that, as I am clean together the work is long. However after my buddy made the comment a few years ns did execute some research and was surprised in ~ what ns found.

Convicted felons within the borders of Wisconsin, resides or non-resident, space not allowed to have actually in their place any modern-day firearm or muzzle-loader format guns. In Wisconsin over there is also precedent from a 2007 Court the Appeals case, State V. Jacobs, that upheld the felon total possession regulation that was straight related to felons in place of timeless and modern day muzzle-loader firearms.

You Don’t need to Feel like A Felon – use That black color Powder Gun

So great news to mine life lengthy friend and hunting buddy, he doesn’t must feel prefer a felon once he is in the woods during the muzzle-loader deer season! of course, felons have the right to still very own a bow and go hunting, however that’s another story entirely…

I very own a pair black powder rifles. Ns bought a brand-new one critical year and also harvested a quite doe with it. The muzzle loader only season is a an excellent time to it is in in the woods in Wisconsin. It’s quiet in the woods. All the consistent gun hunters room gone. I love that feeling of the having actually the woods to myself.

On a next note, if you haven’t check out my post about deer camp, friend should. Its a wonderful place. Read around my Deer Camp here.

Be certain to examine out the comment below! Some exciting information has actually been detailed by a reader by the surname of John concerning felons and black-powder firearms.

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UPDATE To my Felons and also Firearms Post: If you room a non-violent offender, friend can an extremely possibly obtain your pistol rights back depending on the State friend live in. Examine out this link: acquire Your Gun civil liberties Back.