Byline: OLLIE PICTON-JONES as someone who"s kept a near eye top top fashion because that the past 20years, I"m quite unshockable. However what has concerned me more than anything rather over the years isthe sexualisaton of young girls. And this main the situation reached a brand-new low as soon as headmistress Anna Roxburgh had to half girls indigenous wearing thongs to her blended primaryschool. The relocate came after grandm Roxburgh, head the Hamp community PrimarySchool in Bridgwater, Somerset, spotted 4 11-year-olds wearingG-strings while an altering after PE. But while she understood their attire "inappropriate", someof the girls" parents appeared outraged that their daughters"underwear had been carried into question. "They"re fed up gift treated choose children," saidAnnie Milton, mommy of one 11-year-old girl. "It"sunbelievable." No, what"s unbelievable is that any kind of mother bought her childsuch overtly sexual underwear to go to college in. To allow girls of this age to go the end dressed choose that is simplystealing your childhood. Clues & Spencer stopped selling suggestive children"slingerie number of years ago following complaints from the NSPCC. The following store then uncovered itself in the shooting line for sellingunsuitable outfits. And also last year Argos was compelled to remove a variety of G-strings andpadded bras aimed at girls together young together nine native its catalogues.

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but I"m tho stunned by just how much sexy children"sclothing is available. Yesterday a fast scout ring the high street revealed a largeselection that thongs and also bras aimed in ~ eight-to-11 year olds, to add muchmore because that the 11-13 period group. From Tammy girl in ~ Etam I discovered an underwired push-up bra in black,priced pounds 8, beginning from dimension 28A. Certain a bra of that sizeisn"t also necessary. It was also available in a strapless version. And when i asked because that a thong for a 10-year-old ns was handed askimpy G-string priced just 75p. At clothing store Mk One ns was horrified to find a sexy black braand briefs trimmed v a satin bow. The label inside stated "age 9-10". Topshop and also Miss Selfridge underwear isn"t specifically aimedat a specific age however the Oxford Circus branches to be filled withschoolgirls on their half-term rest snapping increase the tiniest of briefsfrom a dimension 6, priced at three pairs because that pounds 7 and also sporting logossuch together "SEXY". Little girls are clearly no much longer content come wear the slightlygreying pants and also vests the my generation were lugged up in. Lock seetheir idols Britney Spears and also Atomic Kitten wearing trendy apparel andunderwear and they desire to perform the same. Yet thankfully it"s no all bad news. Clues & Spencer has just introduced a range of underwear calledAngel which has actually been created for teenagers in conjunction through Kidscape andthe NSPCC. And also it appears to you re welcome kids and parents alike. The selection includesfirst bras and also matching short sets for pounds 12 the are appropriate forschoolwear or weekends. There are sporty versions and also even "party bras" forspecial occasions with clear straps and also pink flower or pretty silverstars. And now Argos is set to launch its own version which has also beendevised through the help of Kidscape. Michelle Elliot, director of the boy welfare group, has long beencampaigning versus overtly sexual garments for kids. She claims of the point of view range: "This is an attractive,well-thought-out selection that pleases young girls and also their parents.It"s to be responsibly created, and any girl will love wearingit" yet she remains angry at the vast availability that provocativeclothing. She says: "Thongs space designed to it is in sexy and revealing for this reason whyon planet would a parent desire their youngsters to present themselves off likethat? "They"re to plan to protect against a VPL however children reallyshouldn"t it is in wearing other so chop they"re trying come hidea knicker line. "Parents should be protecting their youngsters instead ofencouraging them come go way beyond your years." A spokeswoman because that Marks & Spencer says: "There is a lot of ofconcern among parents about what their kids should wear and also we feelthat, with the point of view range, we"ve come up through a solution." but it"s unlikely that all retailers will fall into heat soultimately it"s as much as the parents to take it control. I think the cheat is to find the right stance and stick to it. My friend"s 15-year-old has actually G-strings in her wardrobe (boughtwith she pocket money) however she"d never entertain attract themschool. As every mother knows, damage is often the answer when dealingwith strong-willed youngsters. So also if girlfriend concede the occasional wardrobe battle, girlfriend shouldend up winning the war. CAPTION(S): COMPROMISE; M&S"s Angel selection keeps both mothers anddaughters happy; SHOCKING; Tammy Girl sell thongs and underwired brasaimed at periods 8-11; IDOL: Britney has popularised thongs
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May 29, 2003
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