all sorts of unusual gold coinage sprung up together a an outcome of the well known California gold sirloin of 1849. Among the most well known coins to come out of this era is the Horseman (Vacquero) style by Baldwin and agency of mountain Francisco. It is an impressive coin and also one that deserves unique mention.

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Genuine, initial Baldwin Horsemen are very valuable. The coin catalogs quote worths such together $60000 us dollars in typical circulated condition and also $95000 in well maintained condition. A publicized example in uncirculated problem realized $195000 in a Goldberg Auction.Two things occur with wildly valuable coins: (1) they space counterfeited and (2) they are legally copied.The picture to the left is a crude actors replica the a Baldwin Horseman. Together a counterfeit, it is worth zero. You could find one in a novelty shop for a few dollars. There is a full-sized, side-by-side comparison listed below on this page.But there space legal duplicates of these renowned coins and legal duplicates can it is in valuable, specifically when made of gold. The coin in our main picture comes from Heritage Auctions. That is a beautiful contemporary proof reproduction and, due to the fact that it is to win in gold, that is worth well over $1000. You can see in little print top top the coin the date and the source of the gold: 2002 and also the S. S. Central America.But other, non-modern replicas are around as well. They room usually called restrikes since they copy the initial pattern and carry the initial date, however they were no made on the date. Our first example to be made in 2002, so the is worth generally its yellow value. Yet other instances (not shown) were made as early as 1909 and these have the right to be rather valuable. A 1909 restrike piece from heritage Auctions, to win in silver instead of gold, offered for end $6000. The is rumored that Ron Landis, a renowned sculptor of the collection Mint Museum has produced a horseman piece. That would lug a premium over gold value due to Ron"s well-known expertise.So, in summary:GENUINE original COINS: $60000 and upEARLY RESTRIKES: $5000 and upMODERN RESTRIKES: $1000 and also up (price varies with gold market)COUNTERFEITS: $0To reach this price levels, the coin must be totally free of all problems, such together scratches, stains, cleanings, nicks, gouges, corrosion, and similar.If you have a Baldwin horseman and would like"s opinion on its value, use the call Us attach to start an e-mail exchange and then send us large, in-focus pictures of front and also back. Images must be large and in emphasis to it is in appreciates the reality that both Heritage and also Goldberg"s have permitted us to use their images of this remarkable coin.

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Thanks! We likewise thank a lady named Sandi for letting us use her picture of a fake coin. Wish it were real!

Coin: 13150, Genre: united States, Timeline: civilization Created (yyyymm): 201210, last review: 201708 Appearance: normal round coin Metallic gray Metallic yellow Letters: Latin Years: sort: 1850, filter: 1850 to 1857 Image: us_baldwin_horseman.jpg original inquiry: california yellow 1850 ten dollars and also man on a equine baldwin & co san fransisco vacquero equine rider lasso equine