Height:10-15 customs tall
Weight:10-20 pounds
Lifespan:12-15 years
Colors:Cream, black, white, brown, gold
Suitable for:Families, companion dog, first-time owners
Temperament:Spunky, gentle, fun-loving, energetic

The Bo-Jack is one energetic dog, a hybrid mix between a Boston Terrier and a Jack Russell. Castle are typically a mix of the parent’s colors, coming in shades of white and also black, combinations of gold and white, or tan and brown coats. Their fur is short, and also they inherit a yongin for numerous weather problems from both of your parents.

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These dogs are sweet and also can be kind, however at the very same time, they execute love to have fun, and also they have actually quite a little of energy for a tiny dog. This energy is probably as result of the background of your parents. The Boston Terrier was initially bred to it is in a little, agile fighting dog, and the Jack Russell to be a hunter.


Bo-Jack Puppies — before You Buy

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What’s the Price that Bo-Jack Puppies?

Bo-Jack puppy is extremely affordable for brand-new dog owners. Crossbred dog are normally less expensive than purebred dogs, and the Bo-Jack resides up to this generality.

Part of this is since the purebred puppies from both the the parents are generally less high value dogs. The Jack Russell Terrier prices $500 come $600, and the Boston Terrier is only slightly more at $600 come $800 for a puppy, relying on the breeder.

You deserve to also shot to discover Bo-Jacks at a shelter. However, this may be more challenging because the each other is not yet the common and has only newly been bred purposefully together a hybrid.


3 Little-Known Facts about the Bo-Jack

Left: Boston Terrier, Right: Jack Russell

1. The Bo-Jack has a waterproof coat.

Although the Bo-Jack inherits short, hard fur from both of its parents, this doesn’t typical that that is intolerant to various weather types. These dog do reasonably well in cooler temperatures contrasted to other little dogs since of the weatherproofing the their coat provides. It is mainly waterproof and also protects them during damp, cool situations.

2. The Bo-Jack is one part gentleman and one part hunter.

The Bo-Jack has an unusual parentage due to the fact that of the uses and tendencies the the parent dogs have had actually throughout history. Back the Boston Terrier was originally bred from an English Bulldog and also a White English Terrier because that fighting and ratting, this was a lengthy time ago. Later, it came to be known together the American Gentleman, v its suitable white and black colors and also gentle nature.

The Jack Russell, ~ above the various other hand, was originally bred through the Reverend Jack Russell, who was an adept hunter. The dog has a short, wiry body that is quite muscular. This construct made that perfect for being a companion to little game hunters and also quickly came to be popular throughout England.

Combining these two histories, the Bo-Jack is the result of reproduction together a gentleman’s dog v a working dog. This mixture fleshes the end nicely in the Bo-Jack’s temperament.

3. The dogs room social and hate gift left alone for long periods.

Bo-Jacks space a mix that two an extremely friendly, dedicated dogs. Both the Boston Terrier and also Jack Russell room loyal to their families and also like come be roughly them as much as possible. Boston Terriers handle time come themselves slightly better, but Jack Russells room a breed that generally suffers from separation anxiety.

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Although Bo-Jacks are tiny dogs, if they have inherited the propensity for separation anxiety, they will need an ext training to it is in left at residence alone. Begin by kennel cultivate them due to the fact that until they room ready, if they are left alone in the house, they deserve to wreak huge amounts of damage.