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Bridgeport to Philadelphia Buses

rememberingsomer.com helps you discover a bus indigenous Bridgeport come Philadelphia. Obtain the best fare and also schedule, publication a round trip ticket or find buses v WiFi and also electrical outlets.

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We make certain you can find a bus service from Bridgeport to Philadelphia native the many reliable bus companies operating this trip.

Whether that is cheap bus ticket or more luxurious buses going come Philadelphia native Bridgeport, we assist you discover what you're looking for based on how lot of a spending plan you have.

Bus Companies

Bridgeport to Philadelphia bus ticket are provided by Greyhound US.

Stations & Stops

For a bus leaving from Bridgeport, the trip starts at Bridgeport Bus Station, Bridgeport or Bridgeport Ferry Dock.

In Philadelphia, your bus travel ends in ~ Bus Station, Ludlow & 38th St, JFK Bd & N 30th St, 30th St Station, 55 N. 11 St., #700 Adams Ave or Chinatown.

Information top top this bus route

Daily Buses3
Earliest and Latest Bus Departures6:40AM - 11:45PM
Minimum Price$31
Average Ticket Price$44
Minimum pilgrimage Duration5h
Average Bus trip Duration5h35m
Bus suppliers on This RouteGreyhound US


Frequently asked inquiries for your trip Bridgeport - Philadelphia

How much does a bus ticket from Bridgeport come Philadelphia cost?

The mean bus ticket price indigenous Bridgeport come Philadelphia is $44. The best means to discover cheap bus ticket from Bridgeport come Philadelphia is to publication your ticket as early on as possible. Prices have tendency to climb as your travel date approaches, so book in advance to for sure the ideal prices!

How long is the bus ride native Bridgeport come Philadelphia?

The mean travel time between Bridgeport and also Philadelphia is around 5h 35m, back the faster bus will certainly take around 5h.This is the moment it bring away to take trip the 134 miles that separates the 2 cities.

How numerous daily bus connections are there in between Bridgeport and also Philadelphia?

The variety of buses indigenous Bridgeport come Philadelphia can differ relying on the day of the week. On average, there are 3 on this route. Some buses run direct routes, while others have layovers. Leveling your bus expedition from Bridgeport to Philadelphia by comparing and also selecting the bus the fits you take trip style and budget on rememberingsomer.com.

Which bus providers travel from Bridgeport to Philadelphia?

When taking the bus native Bridgeport come Philadelphia, you can travel comfortably and safely v Greyhound.

What space the departure and arrival stations once taking the bus from Bridgeport come Philadelphia?

Buses traveling between Bridgeport and also Philadelphia leave from Bridgeport Bus station or Bridgeport and also arrive in ~ Bus Station, Ludlow & 38th St, JFK Bd & N 30th St.

What space the best sights and also things to execute in Philadelphia?

Once in Philadelphia, you have the right to start experimenting the city and discover its surroundings. The optimal sights and things to do are east State Penitentiary, Liberty Bell, Citizens financial institution Park, you re welcome Touch Museum, nationwide Museum of Jewish History.

About Bus Travel

Bus take trip Tips

Make friends through the driver. Castle usually recognize a lot around your destination and may also recommend which next of the bus come sit top top to gain the finest views ~ above the road in between Bridgeport and also Philadelphia!

Start visit the minute your bus pipeline the station. If you're top top the night bus native Bridgeport to Philadelphia, acquire comfy and count the stars.

Buses are energy-efficient. Transporting a passenger over 100 kms by coach only takes 0.6-0.9 liters that gas. Compare that to the 2.6 liters required by high-speed train, 6.6 liters by aircraft and 7.6 liters by gas-powered car, and also it's clear that the bus is a much more environmentally-conscious option for your bus transport from Bridgeport to Philadelphia.

Tune out to the fine sound of your finest music playlist on your bus trip from Bridgeport to Philadelphia if indulging in miles on finish of beautiful scenic views.

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Did you know?

Did you know there space on mean 4,400 intercity bus departures every work in the united state only? This number has been farming for 9 year in a row, yay!

Did you know that 80% the the buses in north America space equipped v WiFi and power outlets ? and 60% of bus travelers have used your electronic maker on board during 2014.