The Kingdom Heirs have announced that Brian Alvey will be the groups new baritone. Alvey will begin his duties v the team immediately. The group has spent the critical 3 weekends with three various men auditioning for the baritone position, Bryan pedestrian (Perrys), Loren Harris (Wilburns, Perrys), and also Alvey.

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In a push release today, group owner/bass guitarist Kreis French stated, “A many of prayer and consideration entered our decision and also we room thrilled to welcome Brian and his family, into our family.”

French ongoing to say, “During our time top top the roadway this winter, we had the privilege to audition close come 60 men who traveled plenty of miles for this chance and also we say thanks to each of you so much. We feel the God has led us to the man He desires for us.” 

 To say ns am doubtful of how good of a fit Alvey will be is one understatement. While over there is no doubt that he is a talented singer, he is not known for his longevity. His longest tenure v one group is the 3 year he spent with Tribute Quartet from 2008-2011. He additionally spent a year through singing through his wife, Lauren Talley, and her family members The Talleys. Alvey to be last watched traveling in a brief stint v The Skyline Boys. The Kingdom Heirs are one of the foremost quartets in southerly Gospel, and one that the key reasons why is because of the members longevity. The baritone position is so an important in a quartet because it is the glue the holds the mix together. The Kingdom Heirs cannot afford sales in this position and also it would certainly be sad to watch the baritone in this group end up being slot a revolving door. That is mine sincere hope that history will not repeat itself through Alvey.

The group, who space celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year, is currently working top top a brand brand-new recording which is slated to relax in October on the Crossroads label. Till then, the only way to listen Alvey v The Kingdom Heirs will certainly be in ~ Dollywood. We wish both Brian & the group nothing yet the best.

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The Skyline boys – Love came Through

Produced by Jeff Collins


Since 1995, The Skyline Boys have made quite the name for us in the southerly Gospel genre for putting out high quality music. V well over 50 years of experience, base vocalist and group owner/manager Dennis Powers has actually assembled some good talent with the years. Their current lineup is just one of the finest in the groups history, v the recent enhancement of lead vocalist Brian Alvey (Talleys, Tribute Quartet) and also the return the tenor Jodi Hosterman (Inspirations, Kingdom Heirs). Along with baritone Chris Little, these males have linked for among the bests blends in the groups history.

Love Came Through  is the debut recording with Alvey & Hosterman, and it is fantastic. The project kicks off with a track written through Alvey, “It renders Me Wanna Go“. A good upbeat tune, that functions the team on the very first verse and Alvey top top the second, the will also serve as the project’s first radio single. Brian’s former group, Tribute Quartet, videotaped this a couple of years ago, yet I really love this cut. Right off the bat, the group screens the hard harmony the is shown throughout the project. Following up is a an excellent ballad featuring Alvey, the title track “Love come Through“. It’s a fine crafted song lyrically, complimented with a great vocal by Alvey. The groups ties in a phrase from George Amon Webster’s “He Loves Me” ~ above the bridge, going into a crucial change. “I’m A brand-new Man”, composed by Dianne Wilkinson, is the projects third song. It attributes baritone Chris tiny on the verses, and he does a great job top top this one. That a exorbitant song about the revolution that salvation brings, I specifically love the heat “I’m a brand-new man since of an old rugged cross“.

I’m no Saying Goodbye” is a fantastic song featuring bass singer powers on the verses and also is among the most distinct songs about Heaven. The track is composed from the philosophy of one who has lost a loved one. The first verse talks of exactly how much the loved one will be missed, how no one have the right to take your place, and also the finality that death, however the chorus claims “I’m no saying goodbye, I’ll watch you later, because that on Heaven’s shore I’ll see your challenge once more”. It’s a an excellent Heaven track that will be an encouragement to all who hear it. Following up is one old Stamps Baxter song, “It Won’t it is in Long“. Rather of the common old timey feel that we hear with most of this old songs, the group puts it come a modern-day arrangement, that has a great groove.

Next up is a standard “He’s All i Need“, featuring tenor Jodi Hosterman. Jodi is among the ideal tenors, through the clearest and warmest tones in our industry. His solo ~ above the verses are nothing short of fantastic. The group turns in a great performance top top this one. Up following is a slower song called “Back to The Alter“, special baritone kris Little. This is a good song that motivates the believer to earlier to the ar where castle were an initial saved. Base vocalist Dennis powers comes ago to song a great song from his very own pen, “That’s Enough“.

The last two songs are few of the ideal on the project, “Sing that Brother, sing It” is a tow tapping number featuring Alvey. From the very first note, you know this is a an excellent song. Alvey is a wonderful lead singer, who has actually a commanding presence yet can likewise sing a really tender tune with great conviction. The project concerns a close v another great song, “Above The Clouds“. Alvey as soon as again has actually the lead and also sings a really earnest vocal. Yes some superior harmony top top the chorus and the track closes out with a high ending, showcasing a great blend.

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The Skyline guys truly have actually the best lineup & mix in the groups history, and I think its among the best in the sector today. V Love come Through, the sky truly is the limit for The Skyline Boys. There’s good variety in the song selection, every tune is fantastic, and the males are on peak of their video game vocally. I have actually no doubt the Love come Through will host up as one of the finest recordings the 2014. I very recommend adding this project to her library. Be certain to hear to The Gospel Greats this main (weekend the Feb 1st) together The Skyline Boys will be a featured artist, showcasing this great project. To location your stimulate today, click here.