when you must ship a boat from Dominican Republic to Florida, Caribbean car Transport provides the most affordable and convenient shipping options. With our progressed network of deliver professionals, we administer you through the highest possible level of company in stimulate to leveling your Dominican Republic come Florida watercraft shipping.

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gain a cost-free instant Dominican Republic watercraft shipping rate by visiting ouronline quote calculatoror speak to (954) 448-7447 to obtain a price by phone indigenous an experienced boat shipping coordinator.





With weekly sailings from Santo Domingo come the us mainland, we sell the most flexible scheduling options to make her Dominican Republic boat shipping as hassle-free and also convenient as possible.
With our progressed network of over 3,500 deliver professionals, we administer direct company from any type of residential or business location in Dominican Republic. The many flexible scheduling options to make your Dominican Republic boat shipping together hassle-free as possible.

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Upon come at the port, your watercraft will it is in off-loaded from the vessel and inspected to ensure the your watercraft has come in the same condition as once it was invited onto the vessel.
Upon arrival at the mainland port, your watercraft will be secured through a certified carrier and also will start heading come Florida. V our advanced network of over 3,500 move professionals, we administer direct delivery to any residential or company location in Florida.

"CCT do our boat shipping easy and affordable"

very easy to occupational with from the very first phone call until the time of delivery.

"Exceptional transportation from begin to finish"

We"ve provided CCT 3 times and also the business has always been great!

"Great experience with Caribbean vehicle Transport"

Direct organization from our house in Fargo to the Caribbean.

"Great service and even better support"

whenever I had actually a question I was always able to get a fast answer.

"Shipping a boat should constantly be this easy"

i was helping a friend ship a boat and CCT made it super easy.
With lot of sailings between and the united state mainland every week, we sell the many convenient choices when shipping a watercraft to or indigenous . The most convenient means to ship, with more options and ease of access than various other Dominican Republic shipper.
Our network of certified vehicle shipping experts work roughly the clock to ensure that each and also every delivery is handled properly from start to finish. We have the resources accessible to quickly and also safely transport any type of vehicle, motorcycle, boat, equipment, machinery, RV, ATV, or trailer!