What you will certainly need


Remove the metal blade from her BMW key fob.

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Use the metal key to unlock the driver"s door manually. More recent BMWs have the keyhole on the driver"s door covered with a small-cap. Usage the metal vital to pry the end the key cover. 
Locate the terminals in the engine just designed come jump-start your BMW. Girlfriend will notice a RED plastic cover with the + prize on peak of the hopeful terminal. 
Connect the red (positive) jumper cable come the positive terminal.
Get within the car, revolve on the ignition yet start the engine. This will permit modules to power up. Wait 10 seconds, then shot to begin the engine. 

BMW Won"t jump Start

If all you hear is a click, examine the run starter clamps are making great contact. Ensure the jump crate is completely charged.

The battery in the car may be fully discharged. Store the jumper cables linked for at the very least fifteen minutes, then shot again. 



Common symptoms the you may experience if her BMW battery is dead.

BMW won"t startCan"t unlock the carBMW transforms over slowlySlow engine crankYou can"t begin the auto with the press Start buttonClick, Click, Click noise.Electrical Issues


If your BMW is end 7 year old, you room driving on borrowed time. Sooner or later, friend will should replace the battery.

You can replace a BMW battery yourself. Simply make sure to carry out the battery it is registered procedure.

Frequently inquiry Questions


How to gain into the trunk, if you have a dead battery

Many BMW owner ask how do I acquire into the trunk if the battery is dead.

 Use the jump-starting terminal under the hood to strength up your BMW, climate unlock the trunk. 

These instructions work-related on every BMW models, including 1-series, 2-series, 3-series, 5-series, 6-series, 7-series, X1, X5, X6.

BMW battery is dead, and the tribe won"t open.

BMW designers have do it daunting to get accessibility to the trunk when the battery is dead.

You don"t want and also shouldn"t jump-start a BMW directly from the battery.

This is a typical mistake countless roadside help technicians make. 

If you read on BMW forums, you will uncover hundreds of cases where control modules to be damaged through improperly jump-starting a BMW this way. Costing car owners countless dollars in repair. 

How to charge a dead BMW battery 

Replacing the battery ~ above a BMW is expensive due to the fact that not just do you require a new battery, yet it also needs to be registered.

The common cost of a BMW battery replacement variety is $400-$500. 

Before you invest hundreds ~ above a new battery, we recommended utilizing a trickle battery charger to lug the battery earlier to life instead of jump-starting the car and also letting the alternator fee the battery. 

By trickle charging a dead BMW battery, you have actually a far better chance of happen the battery ago to life. Otherwise, your BMW might no longer host a proper charge. 

Use the OEM BMW Battery Charger or also the cheaper Black+Decker BBM3B 12V Battery Charger Maintainer, i m sorry works just as well.

It will certainly take at least 24 hours to carry a totally dead battery ago to life.

You space only providing 2 Amperes come the battery, which is a slow-moving charge yet ensures no damages is resulted in to the battery cells. 

Don"t leave the secrets in the ignition together your BMW charges.

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BMW Battery keeps dying

If your BMW keeps on dying or is no holding a suitable charge, it can be early out to any kind of of the following: 

Battery age / Old BatteryCorroded or loose Battery ConnectionsParasitic current Drains in the electric system.