1 : of the color whose hue is the of the clear sky : of the color blue (see blue entry 2 feeling 1) a blue jacket she bright blue eyes The residence is blue with white shutters.

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5 the a woman : learned, intellectual … the women were really blue and also well-informed …— W. M. Thackeray
9 US politics : tending to support autonomous candidates or plans As has become increasingly clear over the past couple of general elections, through their red states and also blue states, one American Presidential project is no longer truly national.— Hendrik Hertzberg — compare purple feeling 3, red feeling 5
1 : a shade whose hue is the of the clear sky or that of the part of the shade spectrum lying between green and violet Blue is his favorite color. Shades of blue
11 physics : one of the 3 colors (see shade entry 1 feeling 15) that quarks have in the theory of quantum chromodynamics One cannot have actually a solitary quark top top its own due to the fact that it would have a shade (red, green, or blue). Instead, a red quark needs to be joined to a green and a blue quark by a "string" of gluons (red + green + blue = white). Together a triplet constitutes a proton or a neutron.— Stephen Hawking
a : to dye, tint, or repaint (something) blue Last, the generation that the grandmothers, in immaculately blued hair …— man Updike Tattoos blued his upper arms.— Jerry Spinelli
b : to heat (iron or steel) to around 550 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit so the it acquires a safety bluish coating the blued barrel of the gun Between banks shrouded through snow, the flow gleamed darkly, favor blued steel through gold chips of sunshine dancing on every riffle.— Pete Bodo
: to curse angrily he sliced the air with his fists and also blued the air with his mouth.— Steve Kelley I have been stealing my father"s copy (of Massachusetts Wildlife) for a long time, but last main he found an concern on my desk and also blued the waiting a bit.— Stephen King Donovan

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Adjective shocked at the blue banter she heard on the satellite-radio talk show a cold, dreary day always leaves me blue Noun her favorite shade is blue. a mixture of blues and greens They cruised off into the blue.

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Recent examples on the Web: Adjective The tipster stated Ruffo to be sitting a couple of rows increase behind residence plate and wearing a blue shirt. — Fox News, 7 Oct. 2021 In the days that followed, Mr. Simango was frequently spotted in the streets, his shirt sleeves rolled up and collared blue shirt fifty percent unbuttoned and also wet through sweat. — Ryan Lenora Brown, The Christian scientific research Monitor, 6 Oct. 2021 Sam Aronson, a political officer in ~ the State Department viewed in a helmet and also a blue shirt, speak to Afghans in ~ Abbey Gate, among the main entrances to the airport, ~ above Aug. 21. — Jessica Donati, WSJ, 6 Oct. 2021 in ~ one point, a guy in a white shirts shoves a guy in a blue shirt. — Sylvia Goodman, chicagotribune.com, 5 Oct. 2021 Holding her close, hall looked ready for the night in aviators, a mustache, a light blue shirt v a deep V neckline and also black pants. — Greta Bjornson, PEOPLE.com, 4 Oct. 2021 in ~ the news conference, Hutchinson, wearing a blue polo shirt through an Arkansas logo, Arkansas very first lady Susan Hutchinson and state wellness Secretary Jose Romero got booster shots the the Pfizer vaccine. — Andy Davis, Arkansas Online, 29 Sep. 2021 silver buttons run diagonally along one next of the coat front, with the wearer"s name pin ~ above the left and also a light blue shirt peeking the end from underneath. — Matthew Tursi, CBS News, 21 Sep. 2021 attract a blue and pink Hawaiian shirt and also strumming a low-slung, bright teal electric guitar, Owen to be a gregarious party organize — components Buffett, Chesney and Hank Jr., all in one. — Milwaukee journal Sentinel, 17 Sep. 2021 Recent instances on the Web: Noun over there is rain, torrential downpours the come under out that the blue. — NBC News, 8 Oct. 2021 In a flash of white out of the blue, a beluga whale has been seen at the very least six times approximately Puget Sound due to the fact that Sunday, the an initial such sightings since 1940. — Lynda V. Mapes, Anchorage daily News, 7 Oct. 2021 What’s particularly interesting is that Apple didn’t sit down and also decide to develop Cinematic mode out the the blue. — Yoni Heisler, BGR, 23 Sep. 2021 and just the end of the blue, and also this is the sort of point that would take place in the city right after that time, there space these four guys dressed in Revolutionary war garb coming down the street playing instruments. — Andy Greene, Rolling Stone, 8 Sep. 2021 The story about a linguist in ~ the brand-new York windy Library is a bracing reminder the the planes may have sailed out of the blue, yet the 9/11 assaults traumatized some people who were already traumatized by earlier tragedies. — Washington Post, 7 Sep. 2021 and also do not click these ridiculous web links in the next text the pops up the end of the blue. — Susan Tompor, Detroit free Press, 27 Aug. 2021 much away past the skyline was disease, stress and also uncertainty; top top this unusual cruise, drink flowed, civilization had fun, and also life was an excellent in a short bubble that normality, floating in the unlimited blue of the south China Sea. — Tara Mulholland, CNN, 12 Sep. 2021 ~ above the various other side that the doors, i beg your pardon open immediately upon the driver’s approach, the internal is dressed in white and also dark blue with rose-gold accents. — Viju Mathew, Robb Report, 10 Sep. 2021 Recent examples on the Web: Verb The house uniforms, which FAU wore versus the 49ers, have blue as the dominant shade once again. — Khobi Price, sun-sentinel.com, 3 Oct. 2020 come ensure that john Cornyn, Chip Roy and also the remainder of the Texas Republicans protect against putting united state in danger, voter blue up and also down the ballot in November. — Taylor Goldenstein, ExpressNews.com, 26 Aug. 2020 there are indications that Texas, early out to an altering demographics, might be the following Electoral College gigantic to rotate from red, if not to blue, then at least to purple. — john A. Farrell, The new Republic, 16 Apr. 2020 so why won"t blue shampoo reduced it for keeping cool brunettes cool? — Taylore Glynn, Marie Claire, 23 Jan. 2020 Ruscillo has actually studied the production of the ancient purple dye, including trying out with the to make colors indigenous pink to blue to virtually black, despite she isn"t involved in the excavations top top Chrysi. — Fox News, 12 Dec. 2019 The pair were every smiles because that the appearance at St. James’s Palace, wherein Kate blue a imperial blue Issa dress that matched her sapphire engagement ring, which as soon as belonged to William’s mom Princess Diana. — Stephanie Petit, PEOPLE.com, 25 July 2019 Give standard orange and also blue a sheep of edge through abstract prints and also a hit of dark à la Samantha Angelo. — Laurel Benedum, ELLE Decor, 4 June 2019 Stop painting the same models blue and calling the revolutionary. — Sandra Salibian | Wwd, latimes.com, 26 June 2018

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