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Yes. I was right around the Ash/Angela thing!That to be too lot of a coincidence for them to look identical.I guessed pair first...BUT YAY SEBASTIAN IS BACKK and also I gained mad in ~ Ciel...ONE EP LEFT

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This illustration was an excellent but together a couple of has currently said ns was starting to think that Angela/Ash were as one person or favor I have said Siblings however now we know.As because that the Queen yeah that was disgusting.There was some parts that make this episode good but negative at the exact same time.Did like the method that Sebastian came into the struggle finally..ONE more EPISODE YAY however SAD due to the fact that IT will certainly BE OVER. I provide this illustration a 8.7/10 and a 4.8/5 yet yeah.

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Ew, the Queen and Ash step was yes, really disgusting :s so was once it flourished breasts hahah xDI, as some human being here, don't gain a most some suggest of the story (like why go Sebastian left Ciel alone. Wasn't the contract that Sebastian will follow every that Ciel's order and also never permit his side? then he damaged it ¬¬)Sad episode, the made me cry. Ns don't really desire to end up this series T-T
I assure you, you're therefore not. -.- Queen's rotting flesh was disgusting, ew xP when Ash poked her I assumed I to be gonna puke o.o ns felt kinda poor for Pluto...but Ashela flashing us was too much for me and also I lol'd. Ehh.
- If you believe this location holds you, that is a prison.If you perform not wish to leave, it will come to be a fortress.

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Why walk Sebastian leave anyway? the looked kinda sad if he to be away from Ciel. Ns don't... Yes, really understand. But at least he came ago looking together evil as ever. The last line he gave... Chills, i swear~Anyway, this is yes, really sad. I never ever really chosen Pluto, yet it to be upsetting to see him have actually to obtain shot choose that.
Thoughts throughout episode:Queen's disk flesh--effin gross. Just how tarded space you once you decide the the only means to be through your lover forever is to affix their decaying bodies to yours? That's worse climate cremating them into a ring like some world do, a mon avisCiel's brand-new look on life--I think we have the right to most definitely tell Ciel has actually some kind of desire to keep on living, if not just for revenge. The seems much more empathatic too. I choose this side really much. In fact, I've been hoping for it because the start of the series :DSebastian's no grasp statement--I to be mad when he left and now I'm even moar mad...Angela/Ash--WTF.Sebastian is as soon as again Ciel's servant--yea, quiet mad. He far better do something rapid in the next ep to make me loss in love v him again...cuz Ciel is makin me revolve shotacon here. XDoverall, really favored the accumulation here (which from what ns see, ns seem to it is in the only one). Currently on through teh finale!