Between the Lions; gold Meaty Awards, The

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BETWEEN THE LIONS is designed to open up up a civilization of literature and learning for 4-7 year-old children. The daily, half-hour series is named for a family members of lions -- Theo and also Cleo and their cubs, Lionel and also Leona. They operation a library whereby books, words, and story personalities come vividly and also magically to life, transforming the occasionally confusing procedure of finding out to read into an entertain adventure because that young viewers. Every of in between THE LIONS' 30 episodes centers top top a book or various other reading product that the lions and their friends uncover in the library. In enhancement to the lions family, in between THE LIONS attributes an eclectic cast of characters including Click the Mouse, the library's cyborg interactions expert; Cliff Hanger, a swashbuckling comic book hero who escapes from sticky cases through rapid thinking and literacy skills; Tiger Words, a multi-talented sports figure who plays through vowels and consonants instead of golf balls and also tees; Martha Reads and also the Vowelles, a rhythm and blues team that sings just vowel sounds, and also the stalwart knights the "Gawain's World" who jousting matches create words instead of wounds. In ~ the main point of each illustration is a state-of the-art curriculum designed to teach reading skills. Number of of the nation's leading specialists on reading and literacy have functioned with the producer to construct a viewing endure that not just will motivate youngsters to read and write, but give castle the an abilities to do so.Series relax date: 4/2000

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Season 5: transfer 2005Lionel is understand of ceremonies that this an initial annual music awards show, featuring favorite tunes from between the Lions and very tasty awards.

Word family: -op, -ingTarget sounds: r, wHigh-frequency vision words:saidNew vocabulary:accompanied, category, competition, delectable, delicious, kazoo, performance, savory, scrumptious, succulent, tasty, yummy



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