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Just wonder if there space spark plugs out there that might offer me a noticable distinction in just how my car runs. Ready to spend whatever on lock if that is worth it.
any spark plug will administer a noticable distinction on the 2.3....just no a good one..lolthe manufacturing facility plug is already an ngk iridium plug.
I think the NGK plug is a very an excellent one and also would think about it a premium plug. However, the plug wires are a different story. Ns upgraded my ignition cables to Magnecor 8mm. My previous vehicle was a Ford Focus and also noticed an instant difference, for example smoother idle and also smooth acceleration. However, because that the 6i i didn"t have actually 5K miles on the vehicle before i swapped castle out. Ns can"t really talk about the stock cables since I prefer the Magnecor cables.How well perform you recognize your spark plugs? usage the link listed below to uncover unique qualities of recently spark plugs:"ll find out indigenous the link over size does no matter yet heat does. That is spark heat. And speaking that spark go you recognize that a lighting win is much hotter 보다 the sun?
> > display me the Data! you can always grow-up but immaturity can last a lifetime.Not Your mean Six Owner...


where deserve to i uncover the Magnecor 8mm iginition cables and also for just how much room they? ns am simply trying to add some tiny stuff here and also there to improve acceralation and power. Don"t recognize alot around my spark plugs. Just now starting to gain interested in moding.
You have the right to go come the complying with web site: my 6i the cost was around $90, I thought this included shipping. They have about 3 diffrent qualities of cables, from street to racing. Must take you around 10 minutes to install because that the 2.3L engine.
> > present me the Data! you can constantly grow-up but immaturity deserve to last a lifetime.Not Your average Six Owner...

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I dont" think you will notification any difference even if friend buy the many expensive plugs easily accessible (unless you have 80k miles on her vehicle). is a forum committed to the Mazda6 / Atenza. Come and also discuss reliability, performance, modifications, and more!