Las las vegas Road expedition Series

When acquisition a road pilgrimage to Vegas, the journey is component of the fun. If friend are starting your trip in Portland, control to las Vegas is a an excellent way come marvel in ~ the fun and also quirky sights the the West before arriving in the city the neon lights, every while do memories through your friends and family. Driving indigenous Portland to las Vegas is a trip that everyone need to experience.

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Pack your bags, rally the troops, and fill the tank, due to the fact that we have actually all the road trip recommendations to have actually the best drive indigenous Portland to las Vegas.

The Logistics: Route, drive Time & Traffic

Taking a Portland to las Vegas road trip is right for a 2-day trip. The US-95 S is the main road you’ll be traveling on to obtain to Vegas, acquisition you 970 miles with Oregon and also Nevada. With ideal traffic and also weather conditions, the road pilgrimage takes about 16 hrs to complete. Due to the fact that the pilgrimage is relatively long, we recommend acquisition an overnight rest in between two 8-hour driving job so you have more time to reap all the stops along the means without ending up being exhausted. Us won’t sugar-coat it: there will certainly be lengthy stretches the driving with nothing, so bring your favorite music and also entertainment!

If possible, avoid starting your journey from Portland to las vegas on the famous driving work of Thursday through Sunday, and also instead leave on less-popular steering days. Traffic often tends to it is in lighter on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday contrasted to weekend driving. Enable for much longer drive times if you plan on traveling to the city for ras Vegas occasions or during the holidays. No issue where she driving from or which work of the week, the traffic is certain to pick up closer to the city.

Portland to las Vegas Road expedition Stops


Little Zigzag drops | 916 mile to Vegas

There’s nothing like a nice walk come stretch your legs prior to a lengthy Portland to las Vegas drive! The little Zigzag falls Trail in the Mt. Hood National forest is an excellent for all skill levels and offers views of a beautiful waterfall in ~ the end.

Mt. Hood Skibowl | 914 miles to Vegas

After taking a walk to little Zigzag Falls, make your way to the Mt. Hood Skibowl. In the winter, this ski resort is the largest night ski area in the country. Summer month offer activities like ziplines, bike trails, and whitewater rafting.

Erickson Aircraft arsenal | 854 miles to Vegas

If learning about American history and airplanes room of any interest to you, do a stop at the Erickson Aircraft repertoire is a must. Filled with vintage WWII aircraft, this collection is just one of the most impressive in the country.

Ochoco Brewing agency | 823 mile to Vegas

Need a break and a beer? walk to Ochoco Brewing company for part pub food and also local brews on tap. This is ours last stop for 150 miles, for this reason nourish yourself and walk about surrounding Prineville prior to driving again. Drink responsibly!

Crystal Crane hot Springs | 663 mile to Vegas

About a 3rd of the way into your drive indigenous Portland to las Vegas you may feel achy from sit in a car. Have a soak in the decision Crane hot Springs to give your human body a possibility to relax. In between here and also the following stop, take it a night to sleep!

Stokes lock | 328 mile to Vegas

A castle in the center of Nevada? completed in 1897, Stokes castle was built as a summer house by Anson Phelps Stokes, a well-off banker and also developer. Despite Stokes only spent over a month in the castle, the is still an amazing sight to see.

Tonopah, Nevada | 210 miles to Vegas

This tiny town in central Nevada is definitely not small on personality. Tonopah, Nevada is residence to the central Nevada Museum, the Clown Motel (once named “America’s Scariest Motel”), and the Tonopah historic Mining Park.

International vehicle Forest | 184 miles to Vegas

Thought to it is in the biggest outdoor automobile art exhibit in the country, the International car Forest the the last Church attributes over 40 exit cars decorated with various styles and also mediums. This Portland to las Vegas pit prevent is a need to for some an excellent pictures!

Happy Burro Chili & Beer | 117 mile to Vegas

As you close to the final 100 mile of her Portland to las Vegas drive, you’re more than likely ready because that food other than car snacks. Seize some good vibes, good chili, and authentic mining city vibes at Happy Burro Chili & Beer. Please drink responsibly!

Area 51 Alien facility | 88 mile to Vegas

Don’t expect your average travel center here. The Area 51 alien Travel center is a gas and convenience save stocked v alien memorabilia and also souvenirs. A diner deserve to be found in the back, together with an “Alien Cathouse” for those the age.

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Some to speak life isn’t only about the destination, it’s about the journey. If you’re planning your following trip to ras Vegas, take into consideration hitting the road and making an adventure out of it.