A slug barrel is Cyl-Bor or Imp Cyl, great for buck-shot or slug, A Forster slug can be provided in most choked shoot guns.



Cylinder/Improved Cylinder-SlugsImproved Cylinder/Modified-BuckshotPattern and also take part shots through each form to gain a general idea of those best, every gun fads differently.

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I"m i m really sorry folks, I grew up in Massachusetts where deer hunting was shotgun only. We offered slugs, and if feasible use an improved cylinder if you have the choice of an altering chokes. As much as buckshot? In 30 year I"ve never used it, it"s an excellent for probably a 20 garden shot at best. It"s to be my experience that world that usage buckshot room rank amateurs, execute deer drives, or sit ~ above the tail gate of their choose up van drinking beer when others journey deer in the direction of them. Favor I say I"ve been hunting for 30 years, and also one truth I know, I execute not understand anybody who has CLEANLY eliminated a deer v buckshot, they have actually wounded an ext deer than harvested. It is in an ethical and also moral hunter, stick v slugs, you"ll acquire a cleaner kill and also it"s more ethical. Leaving buckshot for the weekend hunters.
I had actually to laugh at the comment about buckshot. Sounds favor the Yankees who move down below buy a pair of acre in the nation surrounded by big farms and also timber tracts and put up a tree-stand then bitch about us to run dogs. I flourished up in a eastern Virginia county wherein all we might use is buckshot (slugs room illegal) and also I have actually cleanly killed thousands of deer with it. Either a modification or full choke works fine. Ns have even killed a couple of deer through a bird gun v a 26" enhanced cylinder barrel if quail hunting.

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