Are you in search of a repertoire of musicians with a surname that starts with the letter Z? You"ve reached the perfect destination. This is the collection for you whether you"re working on the project, looking for inspiration, or just interested in the letter Z. This list has popular, punk, industrial, experimental, techno, indie, and also much more.

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Zac Brown Band


The Zac Brown tape is an Atlanta-based country and rock group. They increased to prominence after releasing the monitor "Chicken Fried" in 2008, which was a re-recorded variation of an older piece for their major-label breakthrough album The Foundation. It was the very first of number of numbers one country hits for the performers.

Brown had actually busy tour dates in 2002, with around 200 performances per year. Brown to be joined through percussionist Marcus Petruska and bass player Jacob Lawson in the original Zac Brown tape formation, which contained Brown on acoustic guitar and front vocals. Brown launched his own music company, house Grown, in 2003.

Jimmy De Martini, a violinist and tenor voice, joined Brown"s tape in 2004. Brown encountered john Driskell Hopkins in 1998 at CJ"s Landing in Georgia, where Hopkins has actually been arranging an open mic session. Hopkins eventually created Home Grown in ~ Brighter the shade Studios, his recording studio. Hopkins jumped in together a bass player in 2005, aiding the group complete what would become their number-one hit "Toes," and the two remained buddies.

Since chris Fryar joined the band in 2008, the Zac Brown band contracted with Live country Artists Records, i beg your pardon is affiliated through Brown"s own house Grown record label.

They came to be the third country band to obtain Best brand-new Artist in ~ the 2010 Grammy Awards.

Hopkins extended his repertoire of instrumentation in 2014, v the introduction of base guitarist Matt Mangano on the board, native his own position as a bass guitarist to encompass conventional six-string guitar, seven-string guitar, baritone guitar, ukulele, dual bass, and mandolin.

The Zombies


The Zombies are a british rock band fronted through pianist and also songwriter pole Argent and also frontman Colin Blunstone, who established the team in 1960. In 1964, the band"s tune "She"s not There" came to be a success in both the joined Kingdom and the joined States.

Rod Argent, Paul Atkinson, and Hugh Grundy, 3 founders the the group, initially jammed together in England in 1961. Argent chose to develop a band, for this reason he invite his larger cousin Jim Rodford to participate as a base player. Rodford rejected because he remained in a popular local team at the time, the Bluetones, however he volunteered to assistance Argent.

Whereas all five musicians to be still attending high school, Colin Blunstone and Paul Arnold join the three founders to develop the group.

Blunstone and Grundy to be both native Hatfield and sung in the local church choir there. Argent sang in the St Albans Cathedral as a young chorister. They used equipment detailed to lock by the Bluetones to have their an initial rehearsals at the Pioneer Club, which was then situated on Hatfield Road.

Their initial name was the Mustangs, but they instantly realized the the nickname had already been offered by various other bands. Follow to Blunstone, Arnold to be the one who controlled to come up through the idea that Zombies.

Arnold dropped the end of the team to seek a career as a doctor and also was substituted by kris White. They gained a document contract with Decca and also recorded their first hit, "She"s not There," after winning the dispute hosted by the London night News. That was developed in the middle of 1964 and also reached number 12 in the UK charts. The song ongoing to gain popularity in the joined States, ultimately reaching number two. The Zombies, choose so numerous other brother bands, saw the United states to execute in the promotion of their well-known record.

ZZ Top


ZZ peak is a Houston-based American rock band the was started in 1969. Billy Gibbons, the band"s founder, is the frontman, with Dusty Hill top top basses and also Frank mustache on percussion. All three musicians to be born in 1949, and when the trio formed, castle were every 19 years old. Bill Ham, your manager, was recognized as the group"s "fourth member." the helped fund their debut album and secured castle a licensing agreement with a tiny company called London Records, where they remained until contracting with Warner Bros.

Frank Beard and also Dusty Hill both were performers of a mock of the English rock tape The Zombies prior to creating ZZ Top. A year ~ the actual zombie parted in the UK, a Texan bunch of cheat artists posed as the Zombies and also traveled the us to sold-out performances.

Originally grounded in blues, the group"s music has readjusted over the years, with a distinctive method focused ~ above Gibbons" blues etc approach and Hill and also Beard"s percussion instruments. They are the just American rock tape that has actually never had a personnel change.

In 1971, the group recorded that debut album, ZZ Top"s an initial Album. Incorporating synths, the group integrated brand-new wave, rock music, and also dance-rock right into their blues-inspired music. Their compositions are recognized for special funny lines packed v innuendo and twin entendres.

Eliminator, the musician"s best-selling album, to be released in 1983 and also managed to offer over 10 million duplicates in the unified States. According to the Recording sector Association the America, the band earned 11 golden, 7 platinum, and also three multi-platinum albums together of 2016. ZZ Top has actually sold over 50 million copies approximately the human being by 2014.

They came to be the very first and last act to carry out at Denver"s McNichols Arena. It first opened its doors in 1975 and also canceled in 1999. They provided a performance for chairman George W. Shrub just prior to his inauguration in 2001.

Between 1977 and also 1979, the band had actually a break, during which Gibbons and Hill started to thrive beards. Open minded Beard is the only one in the team without facial hair.

They depicted a square dance team in the 90s film ago toThe Future III.

The Zutons


The Zutons to be a Liverpool-based English indie music group that started in 2001. Their tunes have been termed psychedelic cartoonish punk and feature a rarely blend that punk-pop, blues, groove, and also overall conceptualism.

The Zutons, called after Captain Beefheart"s Magic team musicians zoot Horn Rollo, was established in Liverpool in 2001. Dave McCabe was once a member the the Tramp assault group. Edgar Jones" post-Stairs team The big Kids featured both Pritchard and also Payne.

Before Payne"s lover Abi Harding started accompanying The Zutons ~ above concerts because that a couple of tracks mid-set, playing conventional sax solos, the group was initially a four-piece. Harding had come to be a irreversible musician that the group providing vocals and saxophone solos after other members of the tape appreciated exactly how her saxophone complimented their style.

Devil"s Deal, a three-track album released in September 2002, to be the band"s debut album. They produced Creepin" and a Crawlin" the next spring, adhered to by the download-only tune "Haunts Me" in 2003. Come avoid dispute with the janice emblem, the group"s "Z" prize was altered in early on 2004.

The group unexpectedly split after a cable of festival appearances in 2009, which contained Summer Sundae in Leicester and Wickerman Festival.

Three musician of the group, including starting guitarist Chowdhury, showed up at a tribute occasion in April 2016 because that Warrington indie metalcore tape Viola Beach, who founders had actually perished in a car crash in Sweden at an early stage that year.

On the fiftieth anniversary of that Killed... The Zutons? the album, the team performed a comeback tourism in November 2018. Russell Pritchard stated via society media that he will not it is in joining the reunion tour, also though starting members Dave McCabe, Boyan Chowdhury, Sean Payne, and Abi Harding every were ~ above it. Complying with the tour"s end, the tape separated when more.

The group has been extremely successful in Finland due to the fact that the late 1990s.

Samuli Putro top top singing and also guitar, Mikko Oesch on rhythmic guitar, and also Tuomo Mäkipaavola top top percussion to be the starting members. Soon after, Oesch departed the band, and also Pete Parkkonen took end on percussion because that Mäki-paavola. Just after releasing their many recent album, Stop, in 2006, the team went on an extensive break there is no technically separating up.

Currently, the musician from the team are functioning on their very own individual projects. Samuli Putro, the band"s previous lead singer, has actually recorded 4 solo albums, an EP, and a grasp of songs. His recordings have overcame the Finnish albums perform on two various occasions.

Zero 7


Henry Binns and also Sam Hardaker developed Zero 7, a London-based downtempo duo. They began out as studio technicians prior to forming Zero 7 in 1997. An easy Things, their an initial record, was created in 2001.

Binns and also Hardaker started their job in the entertainment service in the 1990s at Mickie Most"s RAK rehearsal room in London, creating songs because that British bands together Pet Shop Boys and Robert Plant, ~ mastering audio engineering. Binns to be granted extr samples on child A in 1997 once they make a mashup that Radiohead"s "Climbing increase the Walls."

Binns and Hardaker choose the nickname Zero 7 after ~ visiting the Honduran island that Utila, which has a tavern called Cero Siete. Once they returned to the UK, Radiohead asked for them to work again, please again the monitor "Climbing increase the Walls." The term "the Zero 7 Mix" was emerged by Binns and Hardaker, and it stayed.

Together under the pseudonym Zero 7, the duo created an EP of initial songs called EP1 in 1999. An easy Things, their an initial album was created in 2001 and includes performances with Mozez, Sia Furler, and also Sophie Barker.

When the Falls, the duet"s 2nd album was created in 2004. It included a partnership with singer and songwriter native Denmark, Tina Dico, extra to the 3 performers from your previous album.



Zebrahead is a California-based American absent group. Since its development in 1996, the tape has created thirteen studio albums.

In the summertime that 1996, guitarist Greg Bergdorf and also percussionist Ed Udhus, both previous members of band 409, bass player Ben Osmundson, formerly of 3-Ply, and vocalist and also rhythm guitarist Justin Mauriello from the when There band developed Zebrahead.

After playing with countless musical genres alongside, all 4 performers, who ensembles would usage the exact same practice space at the period, ended up being friendly through each other. Together a result, all 4 of castle left their previous groups to create their own, i m sorry they named Zebrahead.

Zebrahead began experimenting and also integrating features of hip-hop right into their audio, bring about the addition of lab artist Ali Tabatabaee together a co-vocalist, influenced by musicians choose Descendents and completely disinterested in the well-known musical tendencies the the time.

In April 1998, the team recorded your self-titled an initial album on independent label medical professional Dream Records, before contracting with huge label Columbia Records and releasing rubbish of Mind later on that same year.

The album has original tunes and re-recorded pieces from your demo releases, including the usually radio success "Get Back," which got to No. 32 ~ above the Hot contemporary Rock tracks rankings in the unified States. Playmate of the Year, the group"s follow-up, was published in August and reached No. 4 ~ above the US top Heatseekers list.

Matty Lewis, the co-lead songwriter and also rhythm guitarist, announced his resignation indigenous Zebrahead in April 2021.

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