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It"s time for one more installment of questioning A Guinea Pig!Today"s question comes from GiannaPiggies, who asks: "I check out that many civilization complained about baking soda in beddings choose carefresh and said that is not great for piggies or bunnies ..What is your opinion on that?"
The FDA notes that while baking soda is generally safe for humans, "Studies the mice imply that huge intakes the calcium lead carbonate may interfere through reproductive performance. Such effects can be indirectly attributable to certain trace nutrient deficiencies." In fact, we even found some websites recommend utilizing baking soda as a rat poison due to the fact that it i do not care carbon dioxide gas in their stomachs, i m sorry they are unable to remove from their systems.We additionally found an write-up online claiming the baking soda might be dangerous for rabbits, potentially bring about respiratory damage and stomach rupture. Areputable resource (from a Ph.D. In biology) claimed that rabbits that eat a very little amount of baking soda have to be fine, although: "Sodium bicarbonate is supplied as an emetic (to induce vomiting) since it produce tremendous amounts of gas when it access time the acidic stomach. Humans have the right to vomit, but rabbits cannot. So there is the very real risk of stomach rupture if the rabbit ingests sufficient to create too lot for the volume the the stomach."
So what around guinea pigs specifically? One person on a guinea pig blog post board claimed: "Before I started using the baking soda, ns asked the advice of mine cavy savvy vet. They claimed that they"ve never ever heard of an instance that confirmed baking soda to it is in dangerous, but cautioned me to rinse well and also let that sit out for a while before returning mine pigs to their cage." In addition, favor rabbits, guinea pigs are also unable come vomit, so it would make sense that there"s likewise a risk of rupture indigenous guinea pigs eat too lot baking soda.Another problem that has been raised about baking soda in litter is the guinea pigs might accidentally consume some while cleaning themselves,possibly resulting in an electrolyte imbalance.
So the sounds like too lot baking soda might be harmful to piggies if they breath it in or consume it. Therefore, definitely don"t go pouring baking soda into your guinea pigs" cage to reduce odors! However, just since the loosened powder might be bad, does this additionally mean that assets likeSunseed Fresh human being Bedding (which girlfriend asked about) are bad because lock contain baking soda? probably not; Carefresh introduced a bedding formula through baking soda, and also when pets owners raised questions around it, they claimed: "our new odor manage has baking soda in in it yet it is no in a form that can cause any type of harm, therefore the bedding is perfectly safe."Hopefully, this is true due to the fact that we"ve supplied some bedding commodities with baking soda in the past, yet it would be nice come see studies confirming this.

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Our conclusion is the there"s most likely no should freak the end if her guinea pig it s okay exposed to tiny quantities of baking soda, yet it could be harmful in large amounts for this reason it"s probably ideal to prevent exposure altogether. Similarly, baking soda in beddings are supposedly in a kind that is harmless, but why take it a chance? simply stick with continual bedding without baking soda and you"ll it is in fine. And if you"re yes, really concerned around cage odor, you have the right to always shot cleaning our cages more often.
That litter behind me is safe, right?
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