What’s the mean bra dimension in the US?

That’s a tricky concern to answer, since it relies on a few factors such together age and also whether we’re talking natural, pre-surgery sizes only (over 400,000 women in the US had a breast augmentation in 2018 alone). Oh, and not to point out that the average breast dimension in America is 34DD, yet is no necessarily the same in other countries.

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This article aims to explain exactly what determines your chest size, malfunction the typical cup size and overall most usual breast size about the world, and introduce you come the assorted bra layouts that deserve to make your bust look bigger or smaller. 

Average breast size by period (teens to adulthood)


The teenage years are a delicate, confound time for both boys and girls. Girls, however, are forced to challenge a variety of body-image issues as they flourish and readjust throughout their adolescent years. Many young females get caught up v obsessing over their looks, your weight, and their size.

Back before everyone had actually an iphone phone in their pocket, us blamed the magazines and also the runways. In 2019, it’s all about social media. Instagram stars and influencers space abound looking ever before so exquisite, however effortless through their straff skin and also hourglass curves that boast rock-hard abs, small waists, and also perky breasts and bottoms.

It’s no wonder teenage girls desire to emulate their so-called flawlessness if being as well young come realize exactly how unattainable this type of ‘perfection’ in reality is. Those worse? Teenage bodies space hardly finished developing. How a girl looks in ~ 12, and then in ~ 15, and also then at 17 can often look prefer three totally different women.

Although a woman’s breasts room usually fully-formed by the time she finishes puberty (which usually suggests to a 14 year old, 15, 16 or 17 year old), that’s not to say that her bra size then is the one she’ll wear because that the rest of her life. Breasts readjust size and also shape transparent life – and even ~ above a monthly basis, as they can swell slightly during menstruation.

It’s especially daunting to calculate the mean bra size amongst teenagers, because puberty can hit in ~ wildly different times. At age 7, 15% of girl are currently developing chest tissue. By age 8, that figure rises come 25%. And also yet there are others who make it to 12 or 13 with no indications of breast expansion at all. The perfectly feasible for one teen to it is in wearing one ‘adult’ bra while countless of her peers room still in a training bra, or no needing come wear a bra at all. 

Going later right into life, the mean breast size amongst women in your 20s, 30s and 40s will be smaller than for females in your 50s and beyond. That’s since of the menopause, which often tends to begin between ages 45 and 55. It causes a slowing of the metabolism, which in turn have the right to lead to load gain. Follow to a 2004 study, approximately 1 in 5 women will wear a larger bra size post-menopause than they go beforehand.

No one seems to have studied bra size by age in depth. But it seems safe come surmise the the typical size will gradually increase with age – with possibly a spike in the twenties and early thirties, due to the fact that this being when numerous women end up being pregnant and also see their cup size temporarily skyrocket.

Average cup size in America and other countries:

Just as the average clothes size varies roughly the world, therefore too carry out boob sizes – rather a lot! substantial study of over 340,000 females measured the mean cup size of world born in 108 countries, and also found the it varied from listed below an A to above an F (US DDD). Here are few of them:

Average cup dimension in Australia:D
Average cup dimension in Brazil:B
Average cup dimension in Canada:DD
Average cup dimension in France:A
Average cup dimension in Germany:D
Average cup dimension in Ireland:D
Average cup size in Italy:A
Average cup size in Japan:A
Average cup dimension in Mexico:B
Average cup dimension in brand-new Zealand:D
Average cup size in Russia:B
Average cup dimension in Singapore: DDD
Average cup dimension in USA (non-Caucasian):DD

Women in southern Asia and South-East Asia have tendency to have actually the the smallest cup sizes. Back some countries were excluded native this study, including China, throughout Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and also Cambodia the median cup size was always an A or below. Unsurprisingly, this general region is well-known for the ultra-padded, ultra push-up bra styles!

The largest (popular) typical cup dimension was discovered in the USA, specifically amongst Caucasian women. This to be the only team in the research where the mean size was above a DD.

However, it is vital to keep in mind that no all boob sizes, like ‘D cups’ room the very same size. A 36D is bigger than a 34D in the tape and cup, and has the exact same amount of breast tissue together a 38C. We’ve described why in information in the ‘sister sizing’ ar of ours bra size chart page.

Therefore, it’s far better to look in ~ the median boob size in regards to volume, and also not simply the average cup size. Luckily, the exact same study additionally involved measuring chest volume in milliliters.

Average Breast size By nation (mL)


Boob size Chart


You’ll notice for example that the mean breast volume in Ireland is significantly higher than in Germany, regardless of both nations having an mean cup dimension of D. Although the research did not incorporate band dimension data, this suggests that in Ireland, the typical band dimension is larger – a 36D for instance rather 보다 a 34D. As simply mentioned, ‘D cups’ room bigger when they’re on a bigger band size.

Note the both boob dimension charts over are based upon measurements take away from women aged 28-30 only (who to be neither pregnant nor lactating, and also who had not undertaken breast surgery of any kind of kind). So although they are really useful because that comparing cup and breast sizes between countries, they don’t necessarily represent the average size in each country overall.

So what is the as whole average? fine according to one study of 60,000 people, the typical bra size in America is a 34DD. That’s up native a 34B two decades ago.

However, at least part of that increase have the right to be deadline to far better education ~ above bra sizing, and the reality that the far less complicated nowadays to discover a bra in a D+ cup size. Fewer full-busted women today are wearing a too-small cup size by mistake, or trying come cram your breasts right into one simply because nothing larger is available. And given that the average band size hasn’t changed, it seems American females haven’t really acquired much bigger.

What identify your breast size?

Why execute some ladies wear a AA cup, and others undertake a GG? as whole weight is a variable of course – yet then the course, there are both thin women with naturally large breasts and plus-sized ladies with small ones.

As explained further above, age plays a role in determining her bra size. A woman in her fifties or sixties is more likely to it is in full-busted than a 17 year old fresh the end of puberty.

Pregnancy is also a factor. Not simply lactation itself, which can easily reason an (albeit temporary) boost of two to 3 cup sizes, or also more. But also whether you’ve to be pregnant in the previous – part women’s breasts stay bigger after they’ve finished breastfeeding, but many uncover that their shrink under to smaller sized than your pre-pregnancy size.

Mostly though, it simply depends on her genetics. Despite insurance claims to the contrary, there room no pills you can take, cream you can use, or practice you have the right to do to boost your breast size (although building up your pectorals muscles that sit below the breasts can make castle look a tad bigger). If your mother had particularly small or large chest, or skilled a certain change in cup size after having actually you, there’s a good chance you’ll follow suit.

Bra formats to make your breasts look bigger or smaller

Not happy v your organic bust size? If you’re looking for a much less invasive solution than surgery, you may be surprised in ~ just just how much of a difference an altering bra formats can make. 

Bras to make your boobs look at bigger

Molded cups – back these don’t actually add much volume, they give you a rounded form that we tend to associate v the ‘fullness’ of larger breasts.

Padded bras – commonly made through foam or gel, these have padding hidden away inside the cup to provide the impression the extra volume. Relying on how much padding over there is, you can look almost everywhere from 1 come 3 cup size bigger.

Push up bras – a specific type of padded bra, these have the many padding at the basic of the cup. Your breast tissue sit on height of it, lifting it greater for much more obvious cleavage.

Bras come make your boobs look smaller

Minimizer bras – specifically designed for just this purpose, these use tall, non-stretch cups that keep your breast tissue compressed, because that a flatter profile. They often tend to make your bust appear around one cup dimension smaller.

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Bralettes – a wire-free, frequently unpadded layout of bra, these offer much less lift and also a more natural shape. Although they nothing ‘squish’ her breasts at all choose a minimizer, plenty of women think their bust looks smaller in a bralette.

Bandeaus – essentially a tube of fabric, this basic bra style doesn’t have separate cups or underwires. The absence of support and also lightweight compression integrate to provide your bust a contempt flatter appearance.