Synonym:daring,new wave,van,vanguard.Similar words:as regards,regarding,relevant,in regard to,regardless,advantage,with regard to,regardless of.Meaning:n. any creative group active in the innovation and application of new concepts and techniques in a given field (especially in the arts). adj. radically new or original.

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8. West Berlin"s theatres are often avant-garde and experimental; those in the east have tended towards more classical interpretations.
11. Almost painfully avant-garde in style, it nevertheless remains a landmark in post-Soviet literature.
12. These post-ideological times are rough on an avant-garde that always needed an orthodoxy against which to kick.
13. This new sort of avant-garde promotes, not heterodoxy and modernist autonomization, but orthodoxy and dis-autonomization.
15. If this involves smuggling something of an avant-garde sensibility into the theorization of television, so be it.
17. I can teach, do my creative avant-garde work which I love, as well as dealing with clients and performing on stage.
19. The styles change, from tribal rhythms and orchestral maneuvers to avant-garde rock fusion; but the impulse toward expression remains constant.
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20. There were no cultural bureaucrats in State-subsidised theatres imposing the Brechtian avant-garde on uncomprehending audiences.
21. He is the exemplary modernizing figure whose works are pompously taught as avant-garde texts that open new horizons for Arab youths.
22. BThe 36 acres of hilltop land were owned by Aline Barnsdall, an oil heiress who dabbled in producing avant-garde theater.
25. The 1900 Secession exhibition was significantly international, but still included only a minority of avant-garde paintings.
26. Olsson trained in the late 1970s at the University of Arizona, where she was part of the avant-garde Paradise Group.
27. While Bourdieu"s self-deprecatory claims to priesthood and orthodoxy turn out to be a cover for a very avant-garde sociology of culture.
28. They were partners in an art gallery that specialized in avant-garde paintings by young artists.
29. Located in prominent positions, and as official monuments lacking avant-garde credibility, they have little artistic currency.
30. John Cage, composer and performance artist who profoundly influenced the development of avant-garde music, died 12 August, aged seventy-nine.

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