mine Aussie puppy is 2 lbs at 8 weeks how large will she get full grown? Is over there a formula come guestimate size? many thanks

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Maybe a mini? by: anonymous Is her aussie a mini? our 2 guys were roughly 8 lbs and avg 3 lb a week up to six months. Jack is 6 and also is heavy at 77lbs. Ozzy is 8 months and around 50 and also still farming like a weed. They had the very same father differnet mother. Ours girl Zoey is 4 and also weighs in around 52 lbs, she is smaller sized that the boys. Http://picasaweb.google.com/richbry1

to answer your question by: Wilda sounds favor your young is most most likely a Toy Aussie. Mine is 5 pounds in ~ 8 weeks, and he"s a toy. Minutures, think it or not are alittle bigger, and heavier 보다 the toys. Toys, I"ve to be told will prosper to about 18-20 pounds, whereas Minutures, can thrive as much as to 35 pounds, and as lot as 65 pounds, in males(I had actually an and also he to be 65 pounds). Ns now have actually a toy, which is 5 pounds at 8 weeks. Hope this helps

How huge could mine dog get? by: Lara I have actually a 2lb yokie she just turned 4 months old how large could she get?

large aussie by: shannon we just gained an aussie she is 9 mainly old and also weighs 18 pounds. Correct u check out that appropriate i thought she was a much older puppy. Any type of ideas on how large she mite get?

Great animals by: josh our Aussie is 8 mainly old at 9 lbs. The is cultivation so quick and he is by much one that the smartest dogs ns have ever had.

mini aussie by: PJ my mini Aussie is 9 mainly old and weighs 6.3 pds and stands 11 inch tall. How big will that get. Gaining around a pd a week.

Mini Aussie Weight by: cotton She will more than likely be a smaller sized aussie, however maybe not a toy. My tiny guy Riley is virtually 3lbs in ~ 9 weeks and will probably be around 30 lbs. My last dog was also a mini, and he to be 2.2 lbs as soon as I gained him in ~ 8 weeks. He flourished to 27lbs.

right, should be a minnie by: anonymous I have actually an 8 week old male and he is 8.5 lbs. Likewise have a minnie aussie/border collie mix, 4 years old and she is 34lbs.

Toy Aussie Weight by: cotton mine female toy is 3 1/2 year old and also weighs 10 -12 lbs, depending on summer pat or winter place around, lol.New Toy Aussie is 5 months and also weighs about 8 lbs, not sure how big she will certainly get. She to be the only pup in the litter, not certain if acquiring all the milk to herself will certainly make a distinction or not.

Weight at full grown by: Lesley mine mini Australian Shepherd is 16 weeks old and also weighs 16 pounds .how lot will he sweet at full-grown

How large will mine Toy Aussie get? by: Indiana We"ve had her at 6 wks she sweet 2lbs, she is currently 9 months and weighs 5lbs. Question: when do toy aussies stop growing and also how much an ext weight will certainly she placed on?Thanks.

Was called mine was a Mini Aussie by: Rita i bought a female and also was said she to be a Mini Aussie but I took her to the vet and she sweet 10 lbs at eight weeks, therefore vet claims she is not a Mini.How big will she get?

Dixie by: anonymous mine Australian Shepard woman (standard size) turned 9 mainly old today. She is 10.2 lbs right now. Any idea top top how huge she may turn out to be?

Toy aussie 2.4lbs at 8 mainly by: cotton mine toy aussie was 2.4lbs at 8 weeks. 4.8 at 16 weeks and also 5.8 at 19 weeks. Wondering how huge she will certainly get. Ns was called 6 to 8lbs

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