a. Amphibolite, zeolite, greenschist, granulite b. Granulite, amphibolite, greenschist, zeolite c. Greenschist, granulite, amphibolite, zeolite d. Zeolite, greenschist, amphibolite, granulite

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Why can studying the mineral assemblage in a metamorphic rock give information about the temperature and pressure conditions under which the formed?
a. Part minerals are developed spontaneously under particular temperature and pressure conditions. b. Minerals formed under high temperature and also pressure contain inclusions that keep the metamorphic background of the rock. c. As pressure and temperature change, unstable minerals reaction to form minerals that are stable under the brand-new conditions. d. Every rocks formed under the exact same pressure and temperature conditions have the same mineral composition, nevertheless of the initial parent absent composition.
a. Formed at comparable latitudes on different continents b. Were metamorphosed under similar pressure and temperature problems c. Experienced call metamorphism as result of exposure to the same type of magma d. Had actually the very same parent rock prior to experiencing different grades of metamorphism
a. Beginning or composition b. Pressure or temperature c. Grain dimension or mineral types d. Layer thickness or parental rock
A geochemist is evaluating the chemistry compositions of numerous foliated metamorphic rock samples to recognize their metamorphic grade. Knowing the loved one amount of i beg your pardon substance would be most advantageous for the geochemist?
a. Grain dimension and form of foliation b. Chemistry composition and also layer thickness c. Grade of metamorphism and type of parental rock d. Kind of metamorphism and also amount that confining press
a. Burial and also contact metamorphism b. Local and shock metamorphism c. Hydrothermal and also burial metamorphism d. Contact and also hydrothermal metamorphism
The picture shows one outcrop that phyllite. What gives the phyllite the glossy sheen? (Photo source: Margaret W. Carruthers.)


a. Mineral that take place in slim sheets b. Minerals that melted and also cooled conveniently c. Minerals that underwent shock metamorphism d. Minerals that have an abundance of water in their framework
a. Schistosity, gneissic foliation, slaty cleavage b. Gneissic foliation, schistosity, slaty cleavage c. Slaty cleavage, schistosity, gneissic foliation d. Gneissic foliation, slaty cleavage, schistosity
a. A flow flood level b. A volcano island arc c. A freshly glaciated an ar d. A collisional mountain selection
a. Deep burial and also high temperatures b. Shallow burial and low temperature c. Fast deformation and also low temperatures d. Rapid deformation and high temperature
Which type of metamorphic rock can you intend to find connected with fine-grained sedimentary absent deposited in ~ the mouth that a river?
a. Burial metamorphic rock b. Call metamorphic absent c. Regional metamorphic absent d. Local metamorphic rock
a. Minerals that are stable in ~ high temperatures and also low pressure b. Minerals that space stable at short temperatures and high pressure c. Rock that has actually experienced only low-grade metamorphism throughout d. Rock end widespread areas that has experienced similar degrees the metamorphism
A geologist concludes that a specific metamorphic rock created at high pressure. Which attribute of the rock many likely brought about this conclusion?
a. It has dense minerals. b. Its parent rock contained big sediments. c. Its layers have been pulled and lengthened. d. The was found in nearby association through intrusive igneous rock.
a. Rocks close to the surface space too secure to experience metamorphism. b. Mineral become an ext reactive as they method Earth’s surface. c. Boosting heat and pressure boost the price of metamorphic chemical reactions. d. Convergent boundaries affect deeply hidden rocks more significantly than shallow rocks.
Sedimentary rocks and also metamorphic rocks can both be uncovered on earth surface. Unequal sedimentary rocks, however, most metamorphic rocks:
a. Form on or near Earth’s surface ar b. Can not be broken down to type sediment c. Contain mineral that are stable in ~ Earth’s surface d. With Earth’s surface just through uplift of depth rocks
A metamorphic petrologist examines the chemical compositions of several mineral grains and also notes the the compositions close to the centers that the grains are different from those near the rims of the grains. What is the most most likely explanation because that this?
a. The parental rock included primarily secure minerals. b. The composition of the parental rock was not continual throughout. c. The metamorphic rock was hidden deeply when it began to form and over time relocated closer to the surface. d. The mineral started forming in an igneous rock and was climate transported to the metamorphic absent by circulating fluids.
The diagram below shows a subduction zone. Which location is most likely to contain minerals that are stable in ~ high pressures and also low temperatures?


a. Burial metamorphism, because it occurs in flow deltas b. Burial metamorphism, due to the fact that it wake up in flow deltas c. Contact metamorphism, because it occurs near magma chambers d. Hydrothermal metamorphism, because it wake up at mid-ocean ridges

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