The Foot of the Cross, The finest Place in the WorldThe Foot that the Cross, The best Place in the World

Do you have actually a favorite place? A sweet spot wherein you’re the happiest? A reading chair or perhaps the coast nearby? Or probably your favorite location is your summer head or a rose garden? No matter just how sweet and wonderful your favorite point out is, the doesn’t compare to the ideal place in the world: the foot of the cross. Due to the fact that it has actually healing powers. It gives life ~ above life for anyone who wants to get them in Jesus’ name.

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The finest place in the world

There is no other ar in the civilization where us are constantly received with vast open arms, no matter what we’ve done and where we’ve been. That’s why we deserve to boldly concerned the foot of the cross together we are and, by grace, be changed from inside out. Nothing however the blood that Christ deserve to wash our sins and also make united state whole. However it does that thoroughly. That’s why we need the cross, that’s why we need Jesus. And that’s why the foot that the cross is the best place in the world.

He personally carried our sins in His human body on the cross , so the we might die come sin and also live because that righteousness; because that by His wounds friend have actually been healed. (1 Peter 2:24, AMP)

The foot that the cross

To stand at the feet of the overcome is to was standing in the former of a glorious exhibition of oh my god love. And also that love is intended for us. At the foot that the cross, we can find all us have ever been looking for. Once we surrender to Jesus and also ask that to forgive our sins, we obtain grace ~ above grace. We space healed, we are restored, we are uplifted. All and also all we space cherished.

Matthew Henry urges united state “Come and view the victories of the cross. Christ’s wounds room thy healings, His agonies your repose, His disputes thy conquests, His groans her songs, His pains thine ease, His dead thy glory, His death thy life, His sufferings her salvation.”

We need the overcome daily

The foot that the cross is certainly an remarkable place. Sure, the cross does atone our sins however even that’s not all. We need the cross daily since that’s wherein we satisfy Jesus and also get to know his heart. That’s whereby we come weak and also leave strengthened, us come burdened and leave in peace. And that’s wherein we can taste the sweetness of heaven already here ~ above earth. Priceless. Special. Praise-worthy.

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So anytime you are in need, run to the cross, operation to Jesus. In ~ the foot that the cross, you uncover refuge, shelter, safety, power, strength, hope, peace, love, grace, joy. Anything yes, really that provides your life much better or much more complete. For this reason don’t hesitate, pertained to the foot of the cross. Taste the kindness of God. Drink from the fine of heaven. Eat the life-giving bread. Daily.

Dear Jesus,Thank you because that atoning our sins at the cross.Be praised forever and ever!Thank you for still meeting our needs at the foot the the cross.Be praised forever and ever!Thank you because that loving us, guiding us, help us.Be praised forever and also ever!Show united state your heart, draw us come you.Be praised forever and ever!In your precious name,Amen

Q4U: What’s the ideal place in the world for you? do you on regular basis go come the foot of the cross? Why is the a special location for you?

Be blessed, my other pilgrim, together you daily meet Jesus in ~ the foot the the overcome – the ideal place in the world!