take care of Potter Movies cut The Best part Of Wormtail's publication Story The take care of Potter movies changed many scenes from the book, and also one fans will never ever forgive was the best part of Wormtail"s story: his death.

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Harry Potter movies cut Wormtail book ending
plenty of scenes and also events from the Harry Potter book series went through significant changes (or were totally omitted) when adapted to the big screen, consisting of the best and most important part of Peter Pettigrew a.k.a. Wormtail’s story. In 1997, reader were introduced to harry Potter and also the Wizarding civilization in Harry Potter and also the Philosopher’s Stone, the an initial entry in what would end up being a book collection with a complete of 7 novels, following the story the “The Boy who Lived” and the darkest magician ever, lord Voldemort.

As it wake up with countless other effective literary works, the Harry Potter novels were adjusted to the large screen in between 2001 and 2011, with the final book, Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows, being separation into 2 movies. The Wizarding civilization is really rich, with plenty of places, spells, characters, and also events, however there’s not sufficient time on screen for every one of these to it is in included. As a result, the Harry Potter movies had to leave numerous details out, and also while the story can still occupational without several of them, there space others that were important to the arcs of the characters.

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Such is the case of Peter Pettigrew, also known together Wormtail. Pettigrew was the greatest traitor in the Harry Potter world, together it was since of him the Voldemort got to the Potters and also killed James and Lily, and also attempted to kill baby Harry. Pettigrew was literally and figuratively a rat, but his best moment came best at the end of his life – and also the movies decided to neglect it.

Harry Potter movie Ignored Wormtail’s Redemption and also Death

Peter Pettigrew was one of the Marauders and therefore a close girlfriend of harry’s parents. He became their Secret-Keeper after Sirius Black offered up the role as he believed Pettigrew would be a much less likely target the Voldemort. Tiny did they every know, Pettigrew to be the spy amongst the group, and informed Voldemort of the Potters" location. Complying with the murder of James and also Lily Potter, Pettigrew framed Sirius Black and lived because that years in his Animagus form: a rat. Year later, Pettigrew rejoined his master and helped him in his rebirth, during which he had to sacrifice his hand. Together a reward because that his assistance and loyalty, Voldemort changed his hand v a silver one, much stronger than his natural hand.

Wormtail ongoing to job-related with the death Eaters, and by the summer the 1997, he was remaining at Malfoy Manor, which served as the headquarters the the fatality Eaters. In 1998 (during the occasions of Deathly Hallows), Dobby apparated in ~ the cellar in Malfoy Manor, helping totally free the prisoners. When Pettigrew arrived to inspect on them, Ron got to wrestle his wand indigenous him, but he gained to Harry and also began to strangle him. Harry then reminded him that he fan him a life blame after saving him indigenous being killed by Lupin and also Sirius (back in Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban), and also after a quick moment the mercy and also hesitation, Wormtail’s silver hand turned come him and also strangled him to death.

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The movie, however, walk things an extremely differently. He was briefly viewed at Malfoy Manor in Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows - component 1, where he was assaulted by Dobby once he come to help, and that’s the critical time that was seen on screen. Wormtail’s original death has a lot more an interpretation and prestige as he managed to reach also if a 2nd of redemption prior to being eliminated for betraying his master (after living a whole life based on betrayal, really). His death in the book additionally implies the there to be a part of him that regretted what he did come his friends, however his cowardice was bigger 보다 anything else. The unknown why the Harry Potter movies decided to adjust this step (and if Dobby eliminated him or not), but it’s most likely because the initial one was too graphic because that a PG-13 movie – even though worst things occur throughout the series.