Ariel may be a Disney princess, but what about her sisters? How numerous sisters go Ariel have, anyway? your questions, answer here!

Who knew there were so plenty of Disney princesses we’d to be overlooking? Our favourite mermaid has six enlarge sisters the shouldn’t be overlooked.

But with so many of them, we’re getting significant Kardashian vibes do the efforts to keep track of all these sisters. Use this list to gain to recognize Ariel’s siblings!

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Arista and Andrina. Courtesy the Disney

Arista (left), the 5th eldest, is fun and also full the energy. She tends to it is in envious of others and also aloof in her ways. 

Her youth reflects in she personality– she craves adventure and also experience!


Andrina is closest in period to Ariel, being the 6th eldest the the sisters. She is an extremely social and also is recognized to have actually a an excellent sense of humor. 

She brings comic relief come otherwise stressful situations, lighting increase movies and also books through her charm. 

With siblings favor these, life is the bubbles because that Ariel. Which sister is her favorite? Tell united state in the comments on our facebook page!

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