Traffic reports describe them as "misplaced" trucks and also tractor trailers when they room driving on a road intended only for passenger automobile use, such together the Garden State Parkway, north of leave 105.

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But a driver said he's seen an ext "misplaced" van on that section of the Parkway and also asked why they space there and under what scenarios are they allowed to usage that highway.


A big armored automobile drives top top the Garden State Parkway north in Union County. Vehicles the weigh more than 10,000 pounds are banned from utilizing the Parkway phibìc of departure 105.

A: You're not alone in seeing much more trucks ~ above the Parkway. Gasoline trucks, huge armored cars and a the majority of contractor and landscaping trucks have been viewed on what's thought about the passenger auto only ar of the Parkway. So who belongs there and also who doesn't?

We inquiry Tom Feeney, a spokesman because that the new Jersey Turnpike Authority, which operation the Parkway, around the rules. Trucks v a gross weight over 10,000 pounds room prohibited indigenous the Parkway north of exit 105, the said.

To placed that in perspective, a four-wheel drive Chevy Suburban weighs in at 5,896 pounds or near to 3 tons, follow to the manufacturers specifications.

But prolonged length GMC Savana passenger van can tip the scales at 9,900 pounds or almost 5 tons.Are N.J. Gas prices on cruise control?"There room very couple of authorized exceptions, (for) Turnpike Authority maintain vehicles, Turnpike authority contractor vehicles, State Police vehicles, vehicles heading to or indigenous the PNC art Center and public energy vehicles, under particular circumstances," that said.There is an additional reason why large trucks space banned ~ above the north section the the Parkway. Overpasses have low clearances, specifically the larger arch bridges seen in Union County, which can mean trouble for high trucks.

Violators could face a fine no exceeding $500 or 30 job in jail or both, follow to the statute.

However, it's not known how plenty of summons are written for trucks the violate the Parkway ban. The state judiciary, which operation municipal courts, doesn't monitor those summons, stated Tamara Kendig, a spokeswoman.

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