Is my Visor Legal?

Ah yes, the age-old question. Unfortunately, the price is…. That depends. If you want a straightforward answer, it would certainly be: Ask her coach. If you want to find out more, review on!

The dominion is usually the same throughout all leagues (MS, HS, NCAA, NFL, CFL)- it says that visors are only enabled in game play if they are 100% clear uneven you have a medical excuse that calls for you to have actually tint to defend your eyes. There can be a capture though. Coaches and also refs might not all interpret the dominion the same since clear and colorless are various things in the world of optics (you know glasses and also other things that defend your eyes).

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Why do they care what visor i wear?

It"s simple.  If you play football you recognize that among the very first things medical staff looks because that after a big hit is a concussion and also they constantly look at her pupils first. That method they must have the ability to see her eyes v the visor. Sure, they might remove her helmet, but you’re also probably aware that the danger of neck or spinal cord injuries means that remove the helmet ~ above the spot is not constantly a safe option. Essentially, it"s for her safety.

What is clean anyway?

I’m so glad you asked! once it concerns optics, the tint portion is determined by the quantity of light the is sent v the glass or plastic. Girlfriend follow? an Oakley acting 20% for example, method that just 20% of light shone on that visor would make that through and 80% the the light is blocked. Through this definition then, 100% clear simply method that 100% that light gets through.

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For most people, the term clear more than likely makes friend think no color- in optics land, the ax to describe that would certainly be colorless. So a visor can be clear and colorless or it might be clear and also colored. Perplexed yet?

Can you simply tell me what visor to wear?

Here’s the long and short the it. If you desire to make sure there is no question if you legal, climate go with a 100% clear and colorless visor prefer this one indigenous Nike or this one by UA then add the swag during practice or pregame. 

If you have an eye condition, talk to your doctors and coaches to decision the safest alternative for you. There are plenty of selections when it concerns tinted visors.

Finally, if you want to to walk on the wild side, check out S.H.O.C.’s clear however colored visors yet be sure to ask your coach first!