Europe is not well-known for its big animals, quite its society and history. But, behind the sparkling towns and centuries of human industry, the wild civilization still ticks on as it has actually done for millennia. But how wild is that world? today we cover bear in Europe, and whether or not these huge mammals room still out there.

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Are over there Bears in Europe?

There are two varieties of bear the live in Europe. The many populous bear in Europe is additionally the most widely distributed. The be affected by each other is a native pet of Europe. The european brown be affected by each other (or Eurasian brown bear) can be found all end Europe. Europe is additionally home to polar bears, return they room not irreversible residents.

Polar bears will certainly visit some locations of the arctic that reach down right into Europe, specifically Norway and Greenland. Castle come down throughout the summer months as their prey moves more south. Through contrast, the brown be afflicted with is a native pet of Europe and stays in ~ its European range all year round.

How plenty of Bears room There in Europe?

There is estimated to be 22,000 wild bears living in Europe. This population is consisted of of roughly 17,000 brown bear living throughout the continent, and 3,000 polar bears that visit the Norwegian island archipelago the Svalbard, as well as further 2,000 that constant Greenland.

Where have the right to You discover Bears in Europe?

For polar bears, over there are just two countries you’ll find these bears in Europe:



Even though Sweden and Finland likewise have are within the arctic circle, girlfriend won’t uncover polar bears here. This is actually due to the fact that polar bears carry out not visit mainland Norway, and instead walk to the much more northerly islands of Svalbard. Polar bears carry out visit mainland Greenland, the an easy reason being that its northern borders are lot closer to the phibìc pole, and thus polar be affected by each other country.

Brown bears room comparatively much simpler bears to watch in Europe. They deserve to be located in a riches of europe nations. There are large numbers and large ranges the brown bear in:






Other nations you might be surprised to learn have bears in Europe are:




It should be detailed that populations in these nations are unsurprisingly small and often difficult to locate. Overall, if you’re in search of bears in Europe, you’ll actually discover them in 22 countries across the continent, ideal the way from the most northerly suggest to nations bordering the middle East and the Mediterranean Sea.

Bears in Europe space everywhere.


Where are The ideal Places to check out Bears in Europe?

With 24 potential places for spotting bear in Europe, there’s a many opportunity because that encountering this giants. However just since you have the right to see bears in all these places, that doesn’t mean you have to aim to discover them. Few of these nations have very small and vulnerable bear populations, when others market bear viewing only in the most remote and also inaccessible locations -- not an excellent forwildlife holidays in Europe!

As with all points in life, when you have actually a range of options at your disposal, some are going to be far better than others. So where space the finest places to watch bears in Europe?

Finland- The short Lakeland areas of southern Finland are certainly the ideal places to watch bears in Europe. They combine serene herbal beauty with countless bears. During the summer months, the Lakelands view high number of bear congregating come forage and also breed. One amazing place to experience, Finland is a land built for bears.

Romania- house to over 7000, Romania has actually the largest bear population in Europe. The reason it’s not our height pick end Finland is the bears stay more spread out, and the Romanian wilderness is a little more inaccessible 보다 the Finnish lake district. Still, with thousands of bears, and other animals like wolves and also a very rustic and also snow-dusted ascetic, looking for bears in Romania is still an ext than worth her time.

Estonia- v stunning woodlands and the highest density of bears anywhere in Europe, Estonia can not be the most popular European take trip destination, but with 700 bears uncovered within a very small patch that country, if you’re looking come spot bears in Europe, Estonia is one of your finest bets.

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Norway- Svalbard is no the easiest location to get, but if you nothing mind a couple of connecting flights you’ll find yourself in true arctic wilderness. One of the wildest and most interesting travel areas on Earth, Svalbard is also the best place in the human being to view polar bears.