Environmentalists have dubbed for urgent activity to save the last 400 argun palm trees, a rare desert palm tree extremely valued by the ancient Egyptians

In the remote areas of Sudan and Egypt the argun palm tree- a rare desert tree who fruit was found by archaeologists in Pharaoh tombs- grow under a harsh sun. Less than 400 trees is every that continues to be of the varieties which environmentalists to speak is currently in vital danger that extinction. Back the desert palm tree has regulated to make it through the i of time and also outlive the Pharaohs, environmental experts say the human task such together over-exploitation and climate change is placing the prized palm tree in major danger.

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Argun Palm population Under Threat

According to a report by IPS News, the argun palm tree was very first recorded by archaeologists who found its dried fruit amongst the gold and offerings recovered native the burial places of Pharaohs. However, it was assumed the the palm tree had passed away off v the Pharaohs until a German naturalist, Prince Paul Wilhelm von Wurttemburg stumbled across the types in the wilds of northern Sudan in 1837. Considerable surveys done over the critical two decades recorded only 40 argun palms in Egypt and also several hundreds in north Sudan.

In Egypt, desertification has actually taken it’s toll on the varieties whilst the palm tree in Sudan are at hazard of over-exploitation through the regional tribes who usage the trees to do rope, mats and also baskets. Professor of plant ecology Irina Springuel told IPS, “The argun palm survives, yet its population is under hefty pressure. Unless protected, the species could disappear – and also this time for good.” The argun palm tree is currently listed as critically intimidated on the worldwide Union because that Conservation of country Red perform of threatened Species.

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Growing risk of Human activity

Mahmoud Hasseb, director of the Egyptian eco-friendly Affairs agency (EEAA) of southern Area Protectorates, told IPS the the growing level of human activity in regions where the argun grows in Egypt could likewise have a perhaps devastating affect on the palm trees. Hasseb included that lock were currently assessing the opportunity of seeking protected status for the areas to border the hazard that a fruit fire by a visitor or hunter would damage the entire species. “For number of years we’ve seen proof of tourists and also hunters visiting this area,” that told IPS. “When we visited in 2009, we built up the bones of dead gazelles and also found dozens that palm trees had actually been burned. It became clear that this ecosystem to be at risk.”

This report is one of many comparable cases highlighting the peril of extinction because that various species in the Middle eastern including: concerns about sharks in Kuwait and also the Persian Gulf, and the dragon blood tree in the Socotra in Yemen. Whilst this may show up to show the dangerous situation much the flora and fauna face in the MENA region, these calls because that urgent action also demonstrate an awareness of the seriousness that the situation and also willingness to take it action.