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The "Mayores" singer was accused the shading Selena Gomez after ~ making comments about her verses in "Taki Taki." play a lyric an obstacle game because that Seventeen magazine, Becky had to determine a song based upon a snippet the the lyrics.

"Oh I know this one. I"ll never ever forget this one due to the fact that when i heard it i was a little confused due to the fact that it says, "Come in the party, have a fiesta, blow out the candles and have a siesta,"" Becky said. "But ns don"t want to have a siesta in the middle of the fiesta. Like, I want to party. I wouldn"t take a nap, you understand what I"m saying? yet of food I recognize this one."

People online easily assumed Becky to be "dragging"Gomez, however, Becky required to Twitter to clap ago at the haters.

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"I have always loved & sustained a true queen prefer Sel. To cut a snippet of a video & take it completely out of paper definition is what is for this reason wrong about this "Stan" culture," she responded to a pan who mutual a clip of the interview. "Sad to check out yet one more "fan" going versus what their favorite artist believes in by putting other females down??‍♀️."

I have constantly loved & supported a true queen choose Sel. To cut a snippet the a video clip & take it completely out of context is what is so wrong around this “Stan” culture. Sad to view yet another “fan” going against what your favorite artist trust in by putting other females down