Deck corrosion death a lot of otherwise perfect lawnmowers. I view it every the time; It seems such a dead to lining a mower once she’s got so much more to give.

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So, are lawn mower decks interchangeable? Lawnmower decks are largely interchangeable. Engines will swap without issue. However, blades and drive systems may differ.

I’ve been a mower mechanic for over twenty years, and I’ve readjusted lots of decks. In this post, I’ll provide you the heads up on transforming your deck. You’ll learn usual mistakes come avoid and also tips because that a effective engine swap.

If girlfriend need video clip help, inspect out the “Mower repair video library”, that walks you through a ton of common mower maintenance and repair jobs like tongue sharpening, traction cord repair, no begin trouble-shooting, carburetor cleaning, self-drive faults, etc.


Most that these contents generally don’t reason many issues and also are short risk. However, it’s frequently items such together these the make a mower uneconomical come repair. The blade and blade boss space the components from this list most likely to need attention yet are simple to fit and also not expensive.

Deck ReplacingTips

When it involves replacing her lawn mower deck, there room a couple of mission-critical factors. Here’s what you must know. All lawnmower engines space interchangeable. The engine mounting points space standard. So you can easily remove any kind of engine and also fit that to another deck.

However, while all engines are interchangeable, that doesn’t follow the all mower decks space interchangeable. If mower engine manufacturers agree on conventional engine mounting specs, no such commitment is in ar for any type of other mower component.

The most basic swap is either find an the same deck enhance for your old deck or – uncover a perfect pre-loved mower (same type deck or different) with a puffy engine (check the length and also width of crankshafts match) and swap end your good motor.

Either of these techniques will virtually guarantee success. I’ll explain in further information below.

Important Engine Specs

Crankshaft dimension is mission-critical – obtain this wrong, and also your tongue won’t fit.

OK, for this reason you understand you deserve to swap out any engine, and it will certainly bolt to any type of deck, for this reason what’s the problem? While all engines mounting points are the same, no all engine crankshafts space the same length or diameter.

So what does that mean? it simply method your engine crankshaft size (length and diameter) is paired v both your self-drive pulley and also your blade ceo (blade mount). These components must it is in swapped out as a set.

Important Deck Specs

You already know that lawn mower deck manufacturers don’t operate standards except the engine mounting points. Therefore what walk this median to your deck swap? It way unless your brand-new deck is a enhance for her old one, it’s unlikely her drive mechanism will carry across.

Other concerns like handlebar mounting points will most likely likewise differ. And also yes, of course, you deserve to go every MacGyver top top it and also make castle fit, yet getting the drive system to fit and also operate correctly probably won’t be worth every the effort. Deck widths also vary, and also so obviously, your blade broad will need to match your new deck width.

Although manufacturers don’t hold standard deck specs, lock will really often share designs. So it is very common to discover your identical deck equipment to a various brand. Generally, girlfriend won’t have actually a problem finding a new or supplied donor deck for her mower.


I’d stop attempting come re-engineer a journey system.

Related Questions

Can I put a bigger deck on my mower? Yes, you can fit a bigger deck to your mower, but engine power and also deck dimension are frequently proportional.

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