We have actually all played through iron filings in our youth and also made them relocate over the table.That gives you one idea that the form of a magnetic field.If you put iron filings into a fluid, however, you deserve to see the form of the magnetic field also better.Why? The liquid slows down the iron filings, which helps observe the magnetic ar lines much better.

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Make your own iron filings

For this experiment girlfriend need an extremely fine steel filings, otherwise castle sink to the bottom that the bottle as well fast.That"s why I"ve make my own iron filings from an stole rod and a milling cutter.


Clean stole filings

Finally, I put the iron filings into water to clean them.It is easy to different the iron filings native dirt: just shake the glass and also place a magnet to the bottom side.The dirt stays in the water and can conveniently be removed.The iron filings remain on the glass bottom.I introduce at least 10 repetitions.

If you have a nice arsenal of neodymium magnets,now is the moment to take them out to watch the kind of your magnetic fields.In my instance it"s small block magnets, two large ferrite magnets and a ring magnet (connected below).

Other options

If you want to sluggish down the motion of the stole filings also more, you could replace water with oil.I heard silicone oil is the ideal (transparent and dense).Oil has the extr benefit the iron filings don"t oxidise.

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Note native the rememberingsomer.com team:Using oil is very comparable to our product ferrofluid.We published several applications top top that.
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