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This Hell financial institution Note paper money weights 8 oz and also is 6"x2.5". Hell bank note is sold by weight and also not by how many is in a pack. The record money is beautifully designed and also has the denomination 10,000 dollars top top it. Chinese culture often burn hell bank notes to please the god and/or civilization of the afterlife. Joss paper can be seen provided in a many of religious ceremony. Joss document are likewise use because that decorative objective as well. Do in China.Please keep in mind that we have both the Hell financial institution Note and a Heaven bank Note version. Both joss note has the same an interpretation in oriental culture.

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Amazing top quality

Posted by Bri ~ above 16th Nov 2020

Great quality & fast Shipper!!

Hell financial institution notes

Posted by Ann on 1st Apr 2019

Joss paper was excellent!! Burns an extremely well. I will be purchase moreFrom your website.

Hell bank Notes

Posted by catherine S on 16th Apr 2018

I am an extremely happy through this product and will bespeak again with this company. And the shipping was an extremely fast give thanks to you!

Joss paper Notes make a an excellent Collectible!

Posted through Unknown top top 25th Feb 2018

Was an extremely pleased through KKs choice of Joss (spirit) Money. I wanted these for my banknote collection also though these are obviously not real money - Still, they space beautiful and fun to collect even as a independent item. Really inexpensive, and very quick and effective shipping and packaging, and i will absolutely be ordering an ext in the near future from KK!!


Posted through Telisha Owens on sixth Jan 2018

I was typically shocked regarding the quantity of Hell notes in one package. I purchased two. The was sufficient to share with my family. Castle burn quite quickly. I will certainly reorder as soon as I run out.