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American football is my lifeblood. From the time I gotten in this world, my parents dressed me increase in Pittsburgh Steelers gear and baptized me into the game. Ns played all with school, briefly in college and never shy away from the annual Turkey key game v my friends. Whether you’re more of a university football or national Football organization fan, Americans just love tossing around the old pigskin.

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But did you ever before stop and think why footballs are referred to as pigskins? It might surprise girlfriend to recognize that pig skin has actually nothing to carry out with how footballs room made today, and also they weren’t even made of pig skin earlier in the day.

Why space Footballs called Pigskins?

Did you recognize pig bladders were historically provided as the airtight membrane ("bladder") within a football? The nickname #pigskin stuck! #BladdersMatter #BladderHealthMonth #bladderfunfacts
AmerUrological pic.twitter.com/fnfHZHaeQH

— Dr Johanna Hannan (
Hannan_Lab) November 4, 2018

When footballs were very first made, they were in reality inflated animal bladders (gross) stuffed with things like straw to store them firm. Naturally, tossing around an inflated body organ was gaining messy, therefore these early on footballs were wrapped in animal leather to store them clean. Because pig bladders were among the many readily obtainable back then, pack them in cowhide leather gave birth to the “pigskin” moniker in spite of a pig’s skin not being component of the equation.

Thankfully for all of us, inflated bladders weren’t frequently used together the game developed, giving means to the modern footballs us toss roughly at the coast today. And also you recognize what, “throwing the ole pigskin” sounds a lot better than “throwing the ole pig’s bladder.”

What space Footballs made Of?

Sitting at home, staring at your football collection and also wondering just how it's every made? well, below you go. #wilsonfootball pic.twitter.com/rY6zpyuNmp

— Wilson football (
WilsonFootball) in march 23, 2020


When engineer and also chemist Charles Goodyear — yes, the tire man — accidentally created vulcanized rubber in 1844, footballs took on their contemporary form. Sheathe in leather coverings to make the balls much easier to handle brought about the addition of laces. Various sizes were developed as the game increased to all period groups, and also voila! The footballs of today were born.

NFL footballs supplied in every at sight Bowl since the very very first in 1967 are made of either polyurethane or rubber and also are developed by Wilson Sporting goods in Ada, Ohio. Horween leather Co. In Chicago, Illinois, offers the leather because that those video game balls and also is the only American company to perform so. Horween provides leather for other uses to Nike, Under Armour and adidas, yet only the Wilson factory turns that synthetic leather right into official balls, according to USA Today.


NFL video game balls are commonly known together “The Duke.” They’re nicknamed ~ Wellington Mara, the beloved new York Giants owner who started as a ballboy with the team back in 1925.

The lacing on today’s footballs space actually just one lace the is hand-woven with 16 holes to create the perfect, 8-lace grip that holds the leather panels together. Each Wilson football is sewn with each other using 250 stitches, additionally done by hand.


Multiple variations, from adding white stripes to the AAF’s computer-chipped balls, lugged us where we are today, tossing around that football-shaped point that, in reality, actually has a name.

What shape is a Football?

If you’re talk to a mathematician, the form of a soccer is ideal described as a “prolate spheroid.” yet everyone will know what you’re talking about if you just say “football-shaped.” #SuperBowl pic.twitter.com/bkH2Xvh63g

— mental Floss (
mental_floss) February 4, 2019

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Sadly, “football” is not a real geometric shape. Footballs are more commonly recognized as prolate spheroids. The development of the front pass makes the prolate spheroid less complicated to throw with the air for football players, also if the weird shape offers kickers at all levels fits. I don’t know about you, but I’m just going to store calling them football-shaped things.

You can read all about how to calculate the ellipticity and also surface area the a leather football in ~ MathWorld.com. (I invested 10 minute looking at these equations before my brain started hurting.)

How huge is a football Field?

What the dimensions might look choose for a football field in the infield at Bristol motor Speedway pic.twitter.com/Ej8fSk2cf5


GrantRamey (
GrantRamey) October 10, 2013

Most of us recognize the first important measurement of a football field: length. Goal line to score line, American football areas are 100 yards long. Add the end zones, and you’re looking at the full 120-yard field found at every site throughout the country regardless of skill level. Below are some various other dimensions you may not have known, though:

Length: 120 yardsWidth: 53.5 yardsSquare feet: 57,600Acres: 1.32Width in between hash marks: 53 feet, 4 inch (high school); 40 feet (college); 18 feet, 6 customs (NFL)Goalpost width: 18.6 feet vast (NFL and also NCAA); 23 feet, 4 inch (high school)Goalpost height: 10 feet (crossbar); 30 feet (total elevation in NFL)

Enjoy these random facts about the game of football that hopefully come in handy for your following trivia night, or just impress a few friends in ~ the Super key party v your unflappable expertise of arbitrarily football facts.

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