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I to be thinking around getting 24"s however i heard the the ride difference is incredibly different compared to the 22"s. Ns feel that the drive is crucial to me and also I realize i willl shed some the the ride on the 22"s yet I don"t wanna feel like im talk in a van if I gain the 24"s. Anyone have any type of experience? likewise I to be wondering if everyone knew that a cheap location to obtain Lexani Krystals Rims. Ns was quoted $2800 for 22"s i m sorry is a same price and $4500 for 24"s. Ns am not too sure around the price so if you males would aid I"d evaluate it. Also, I want to chrome my tow hooks and I am not sure where to gain this done. I have heard price quotes of $80 a towhook and also that sound ridiculous. You re welcome let me know if you males have any kind of ideas.ThanxSean
i drive on 24"s ~ above the escalade and also 26"s on the ext and also i think that rides very an excellent alot of world just say it doesn"t but there WRONG...

I ride on 26"" on my EXT and have no RUB and also NO stubborn ride... :worship: ns SAY walk FOR 24"" OR 26"" you will regret the IF you obtain the tiny 22"s
What"s so funny is the world who say go bigger since you will certainly look so lot better. If your someone choose me who lives and also travels to places where 24 and 26 customs rims are prefer rolling top top the steel itself the doesn"t seem like the best thing come do. Periodically you have to offer up turning heads to something i beg your pardon is an ext practical and less expensive on the wallet. Yet when I roll in my Lade I acquire just as much head transforms as the dude with the 24 or 26 inch rims. Once they hit the pot hole and have to currently ride around for days through the preventive on it simply doesn"t seem prefer it"s worthwhile. I can go come 23"s next year but we chandelier see.
yeah u def will regret it if u obtain the tiny 22s. The 24s space alot hotter and 2 inches dont make much of a distinction on together a large big truck
Just to do it clean I"m no knocking the dudes with the 24 and 26 inch rims. Male if I resided in Cali or las vegas I would certainly go real huge but CT, NJ and especially NY space the worst.
ya the cool ns live here in northern CALI more in the hills and also mine appears to be fine "SO FAR". Ns hope i simply didnt jinx myself..

What"s so funny is the civilization who say walk bigger due to the fact that you will certainly look so lot better. If your someone prefer me that lives and travels to places where 24 and also 26 customs rims are like rolling ~ above the metal itself the doesn"t seem favor the ideal thing to do. Periodically you have actually to give up transforming heads to something i m sorry is much more practical and also less high-quality on the wallet. But when I roll in mine Lade I acquire just as lot head transforms as the dude with the 24 or 26 inch rims. As soon as they hit the pot hole and also have to now ride around for days through the spare on it just doesn"t seem prefer it"s worthwhile. I can go come 23"s next year however we chandelier see.
ns agree. I do like the look at of the big wheels, yet at the same time, i desire to have some tire under me. Ns make a couple of trips a year come myrtle coast to watch my parents and it"s over a thousand miles round trip. The last point i desire it come hit a pothole ~ above the means down there and be stuck with the spare. That and also the fact that i can"t justification spending the money for 26s.
i live in NJ. And find the the 24inch tires is sufficient to absorb many potholes. However its like the old idea, simply cuz u do have an SUV doesnt typical u should try to traverse over substantial piles of snow...same goes v rims. U gotta it is in EXTRA cautious where u go. And additionally get tires that have actually sidewalls the come over the rim---this method u can avoid curb rash and bent wheels and also bubbles....i have actually Cooper...i love them

one the my comes to is snow. I occupational in tech support for a production plant and it doesn"t matter how much eye i have, i need to go come work. Ns would more than likely put the stock wheels on in the winter, but then i"m spending 3-5 cool on something ns only acquire to usage 7 month a year.
get a lift kit and put some superswampers top top it i think castle look great like that to.especially the H2"S LIFTED
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