No, that’s not Bon Qui Qui, the surly King burger employee, increase onstage. That’s Anjelah Johnson, the comedian who acquired her start on YouTube, turned her character into a gig at MadTV and now headlines in ~ The Orleans, Nov. 21-22. Las vegas Magazine’s Susan Stapleton speak to Johnson about her memorable character and finds out whether she is the Justin Bieber of comedy.

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You reprise your personalities in your show. I m sorry is your favorite?

You know what’s funny? people ask around characters in the show, but I don’t really have characters. I tell stories. Pond Salon Tammy and also Bon Qui Qui space the only personalities I have. Ns tell a the majority of stories. Human being will say, “Do your mother in law,” so now they think she’s a character. “Do your brother.” It’s kind of choose that. Bon Qui Qui is the only one i’ve dressed increase as. But I definitely have to carry in Bon Qui Qui in the show. I have to deal with it. I don’t have a favorite though. It’s simpler to carry out Tammy. I say three words in Vietnamese and people go crazy. With Bon Qui Qui, I have to throw a tiny attitude in there, readjust my pose.

I’ve checked out Bon Qui Qui together a flight attendant, an employee at King Burger, rapping. Can Bon Qui Qui do any type of job?

She deserve to do any type of job in the totality world. She’ll gain fired for it for sure. Yes sir nothing she can’t do. Food catering, the DMV. She’s obtained some go-to quips that world love. If I have a heckler or who is drunk, ns can easily go to Bon Qui Qui to shut lock down and also keep the energy of the room.

Is she based upon someone in your life?

Bon Qui Qui is in reality a many of different people. She’s directly up hood and also ghetto. My brothers is ghetto fabulous and unfiltered. The fearless part of Bon Qui Qui is my brother. She has an attitude, yet she think she is help people. “I’m simply trying to aid y’all. Ns don’t understand why you’re acquiring mad at me.” he says whatever is on his mind and also what people are thinking.

Do friend think you’re more than YouTube renowned now? are you Justin Bieber YouTube famous now?

I like to tell world I’m YouTube famous now to play that down.

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Do civilization recognize you?

It’s rare. They might know me native Our family members Wedding or Alvin and the Chipmunks because they play it for their kids. Because that the most part, I prefer to say ns the Justin Bieber that comedy. Both of us had actually tickets walk on sale at the very same time and sold out, just he marketed out an arena and I marketed out a comedy club.

The Orleans, 8 p.m. Nov. 21-22, starting at $29.95 plus tax and fee. 702.365.7075