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In the industry for a brand-new patio umbrella?

Through September 21st, hop on end to Lowe’s where select Allen + Roth sector 9-ft Auto-tilt round Patio Umbrellas through Brown Steel framework are ~ above clearance for only $22 (regularly $88) – available in-store and also online.

These patio umbrellas come in four colors at this discounted price – Navy/White Stripe, Red/White Stripe, Red Wheat Stripe and also Teal/Green Stripe.

Note the you’ll desire to choose cost-free store pick-up top top this item, if accessible for her zipcode; otherwise, shipping is $65.

*HIP TIP – before making a special expedition to your local Lowe’s, click the items #s below and also enter your zip code to check pricing and stock of this items at your regional store. Note that Brickseek is NOT constantly accurate through stock and also pricing.

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This patio umbrella steps 9 ft. Tall and also has a vented canopy and a crank lift handle that makes it straightforward to open and also close. It’s automatically tilt role maximizes the shade direction no issue what angle the sunlight is shining.


Here space the deals…

Allen + Roth navy Awning industry 9-ft Auto-tilt round Patio Umbrella through Brown Aluminum frame Just $22 (regularly $88)SKU# 1000176925

Allen + Roth Red Awning sector 9-ft Auto-tilt ring Patio Umbrella with Brown stole FrameJust $22 (regularly $88)SKU# 1000176923

Allen + Roth Red Wheat Stripe market 9-ft Auto-tilt round Patio Umbrella v Brown Aluminum FrameJust $22 (regularly $88)SKU# 1000176927

Allen + Roth Teal environment-friendly Stripe sector 9-ft Auto-tilt ring Patio Umbrella through Brown Aluminum FrameJust $22 (regularly $88)SKU# 1000176983