Okay, so, before you deserve to play the game you"ve gotta download the right. Fine to execute so you require the torrent- but. First things very first you need to DOWNLOADUTORRENT HERE: www.utorrent.com/DO IT!!I have actually limewire/ opera/ other torrent program etc. However, none of this let friend download as quick as Utorrent, at the many with the heart will certainly download in 2 days, through limewire NOTHINGwould seed :(That stated you can uncover the torrent here:www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.phpWhile that"s downloading and install you can gain to work on Atlas/AGTH and other crucial stuff. Challenging huh O_OThere space a couple of things you have to do.1. Download the Daemon tools Trial: www.daemon-tools.cc/eng/downloads2. Download THIS: www.megaupload.com/?d=3G35XANN part 1 the Atlas/AGTH and also THIS:www.megaupload.com/?d=8U5BA4PQ part 2 the Atlas/AGTHand extract castle both with THIS:hjsplit.en.softonic.com/download#pathbar3. If they"re downloading, adjust your computer system format to Japan (broccoli-goes-moo has a good tutorial here:broccoli-goes-moo.deviantart.com/art/Before-installing-HnKnA-148007938 ) ANDTHEN: readjust your computer date/time come JANUARY2009 this is vital, together the version of atlas girlfriend are downloading expires in in march 2009, and also will not install uneven your setups are changed.4. Currently install Daemon/AGTH/AtlasONCE YOURGAMEISDOWNLOADED:1. Open up the gamings folder and EXTRACTEXTRACTEXTRACT :) when your perfect unzipping whatever you need to see a folder include a paper called "Disc 1" DON"TCLICKINSTALL! rather I desire you to....2.Open Daemon Tools and also click ~ above options. Look because that "Mount n" drive Manager" when you"ve done this, mountain the document "ALICE 1" in the bowl 1 folder. Currently it will instantly start to download Heart. YAY :D3. Sooner or later on it"ll gain to the scary part where it stop loading and also spits Japanese popular music up boxes at you. DON"T CLICKANYTHINGHERE. Go ago to the mountain manager and also start mounting "ALICE 2" indigenous the key 2 folder. It will then complete installing ハートの国のアリス! Huzzah!ONCE THE video game IS INSTALLED: 1. Download ALLTHEPATCHES the come v the torrent. THENDOWNLOADTHISONE:bl.canadia.info/patches/%5bQuinrose%5d%20Heart%20no%20Kuni%20no%20Alice%20~Wonderful%20Wonder%20World~%20Ver.%203.01%20Patch.zip and also install that too. This is vital to get AGTHto job-related properly.2. Move the routine AGTH come "Computer > local Disk (C:) >"3. Create a faster way toハートの国のアリス on your desktop. Best click and also open increase "Properties". Within there will be two text boxes. You want the first one "Target": within this it will say "C:Program Filesハートの国のアリス~ wonderful Wonder world ~AliceInHeart.exe" or something follow me those lines. Infront of this paste the code: C:agth.exe /c /x /HA-C

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F3804 /w144D6E "C:Program Filesハートの国のアリス~ wonderful Wonder world ~AliceInHeart.exe"
4.Now, operation Altas. And also then the "Altas key Window" will certainly pop out. Click the tab "QuickAltas" button.5. Currently an symbol will show up at her taskbar. Right click and also check the choice “Automatic Clipboard Translation”Congrats :) you"ve now acquired a working hooked up copy of heart no Kuni no Alice !But the funny doesn"t stop there. Prior to you have the right to enjoy the video game you need to soup up Atlas a bit. (i.e include a couple of thousand words to the dictionary), otherwise girlfriend will experience REALLY stroked nerves gaps in translation.To carry out this, you require to:1. Download "User dictionary 1" HERE:www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php2.Extract the "User dictionary0001.zip"3.Open Atlas.4.Go toTool> management Menu > Merge thesaurus Data5.Then click "New entry" adhered to by "create".6.Select User dictionary0001. Climate click "Add".7.After this is done click "Add Words".8.To activate "User dictionary0001" go ago to the Atlas key window. Choose Environment> translation Enviroment setups > General9.Select "User dictionary0001" then click "Use >>"Here you have the choice to include other indigenous groups, its as much as you, but I included ones choose entertainment, i don"t think that makes much difference.Now walk to your desktop computer shortcut and OPEN heart NO KUNI NO ALICE :DAGTH need to open, once you start the game, so need to Atlas. Create a new game and then usage the AGTHdrop down box to discover the equivalent Japanese message that you view on the game screen. When you"ve found it, pick it, and also atlas will always automatically interpret it from now on.CONGRATULATIONS, YOU deserve to NOW PLAY love TO her HEART"S contents hope that helped :) will try and include clover as soon as possible !
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January 3rd, 2009
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Hello there!!!Following the ハートの国のアリス manga"s immense ever-growing popularity, (and pre-empting it"s english relax in a few months), it seems everyone wants to acquire their paws on the heart/clover/joker games. I was yes, really surprised the there to be no english overview to the games, so I"m do one (a butchered translate into of a couple of walkthroughs, add to my very own observations). If you have particular route requests simply say, and also I"ll bang them increase the list. So far I"ve perfect Ace and also Blood"s paths in heart, and Blood"s in clover. (I"m currently starting Grey). So this will more than likely be the first ones i post- after that it"s a totally free for all.As well as guides to the video game I"ll it is in posting a detailed explanation of precisely how come download and install the gamings + AGTH and also Atlas, for this reason that also the most computer system illiterate world can understand. I"m no a veteran at this for this reason alot the the explanations out there left me prefer o___O??That said, please please you re welcome don"t copy and also paste the travel guide here, that takes time to write and I"ll be updating lock alot, you re welcome just attach to this journal instead.Thankyouu, and enjoy :)