After 200 hours of research and also side-by-side experimentation of weed killers in our team backyards, we figured out that the best overall weed killer is Compare-N-Save – concentrate Weed & Grass Killer. It’s the fastest-acting and also most thorough weed-destroyer us tested, and also it has actually a great price allude and functions on the widest selection of weeds. If you’re trying to find a proven necessary weed killer, we recommend natural Armor – All-Natural Weed & Grass Killer, which killed weeds almost as well together Compare-N-Save.

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After 200 hrs of research and side-by-side testing of weed killers in our team’s backyards, we determined that the best overall weed killer is Compare-N-Save – concentrate Weed & Grass Killer. It’s the fastest-acting and also most thoroughly weed-destroyer us tested, and it has a great price allude and works on the widest range of weeds. If you’re in search of a proven organic weed killer, we recommend herbal Armor – All-Natural Weed & Grass Killer, which eliminated weeds nearly as well together Compare-N-Save.

Table that contents

How us selected commodities to test

A rapid Google find for weed killers yields numerous results — optimal brands develop item ~ item that (even because that a seasoned gardener) can seem too comparable to distinguish. Some promise to kill weeds in the very first two job after application, while others promise to stop them from farming for whole season. For our test, we want weed killers that produced rapid results.

Products that promised to eradicate stubborn, wild growth in a wooded area weren’t pertinent for backyard testing, Instead, we looked for weed killers that promised effective lawn management. If the product summary or surname didn’t reference lawns, we decided not to check it. Due to the fact that we want weed killers that yielded quick results, we likewise avoided any type of that required to be mixed right into the floor directly, which lawn owners room meant come prepare a year in advance.

We turned come Amazon, home Depot, Lowes and also Ace Hardware to see which assets were arriving most frequently in your top-sellers lists. Us narrowed our find by choosing weed killers that had actually at the very least a 70% approval rating. Us supplemented ours comparison by city hall YouTube evaluate of the weed killers us were most interested in testing.

Compare the finest weed killers

Conventional weed killers


ProductSize (Ounces)Ready-to-Use quantity (Gallons)Coverage (sq ft)Sprayer
1. Compare-N-Save161030,000No
2. Southern Ag323232,000No
3. Spectracide32.255,000Yes
4. Roundup1633,500No
5. Ortho - Weed B Gon1286432,000No

Natural weed killers


ProductSize (ounces)Ready-to-Use lot (gallons)CoverageSprayer
1. Organic Armor16.1251,500Yes
2. Avenger32646,400No
3. Environment-friendly Gobbler12814,000Yes
4. Physician Kirchner12814,000No

Who must buy weed killer?

It’s safe to say the you do not do it wait because that a full weed infestation of your yard to justification picking increase weed killer. However what around homemade varieties?

Many residence gardeners have their own weed-killing recipes consisting largely of vinegar and also other kitchen ingredients. This homemade methods can be effective, specifically when contrasted to other herbal or necessary store-bought varieties. Clearing dead weeds through hand is commonly needed since vinegar-based options are less reliable at penetrating the roots of weeds with complex root systems, most of which space the weeds in her backyard.

A natural, homemade weed killer is expense effective, yet for tackling difficult weeds or spanning a big area, it’s far better to look in ~ bottled choices that pack an ext punch.

Store-bought weed killers might be appropriate for girlfriend if:

You want to eliminate weeds but are one of two people unable or like not to carry out the hand-operated work the weeding requiresYour yard has an area where stubborn bunches of weeds that grow earlier soon after ~ you’ve gotten rid of themYou have actually a large area come cover and also could use a high-coverage sprayerYou’re looking to start entirely fresh growth and also want come clear far grass and weeds every at once

Important functions to consider

Herbicide percentage and also composition

Herbicides space technically the surname for the chemistry that make up a weed killer, but they have become synonymous v the weed-killer mixture the treats them. There space a number of different herbicides, and also the general dominance is the the higher the herbicide percentage, the more powerful the weed killer.

The most usual herbicide is glyphosate, i beg your pardon accounts because that the power of virtually all commercially created weed-killing products. Glyphosate has been getting some heat lately for its possibly harmful results on the environment and also the people who usage them. Together a result, organic weed killers have risen in popularity and also effectiveness.

Glyphosate functions by limiting the proteins the plants have to generate growth; the national Pesticide Information facility maintains that pure glyphosate is not dangerous, yet most commercial weed killers add ingredients prefer surfactants to assist the glyphosate pass through plants, and also those may make the riskier; if a surfactant allows herbicides to penetrate plant skin better, the will additionally penetrate the skin that humans and pets much easier as well.

Many of the weed killers we tested consisted of glyphosate, so we took precaution by put on protective gloves, masks and shoes.

Active ingredients: conventionalProductPrimary energetic IngredientsPercentage
Compare-N-SaveGlyphosate, isopropylamine salt41%
Southern Ag2, 4-D Dimethylamine Salt46.3%
Spectracide2, 4-D Dimethylamine Salt3.74%
RoundupGlyphosate, isopropylamine salt18%
Ortho - Weed B Gon2, 4-D Dimethylamine Salt3.05%
Active ingredients: naturalProductPrimary energetic IngredientsPercentage
Natural ArmorSodium Chloride, Citric Acid, Water, Vinegar, Glycerin, Lemon98.3%
AvengerDi-limonene (Citrus Oil)70%
Green GobblerAcetic Acid20%
Doctor KirchnerSodium Chloride4%

Post-emergent vs. Pre-emergent treatment

Weed killers or herbicides can be categorized as post-emergent, pre-emergent or a combination of both. Post-emergent treatment kills weeds the are currently growing in her yard; pre-emergent treatment prevents new weeds native growing.

Post-emergent treatment must be spread during peak cultivation season, since it kills ground covering and, through the best product, penetrates the roots to stop future germination the weeds. Pre-emergent treatment need to be spread in advancement of peak cultivation season, typically in the autumn when plants begin going dormant. Many reviewers of weed killers cite both therapies as part of your habitual lawn-care routine.

For the functions of ours test, it was crucial that we visually witnessed results, so we just tested post-emergent treatments. If us were to check pre-emergent treatments, wednesday only have the ability to estimate how numerous weeds might be prevented native growing, or us would need to test for number of years.

Selective vs. Non-selective

A “selective” weed killer is supposed to remove only “select” plants, and also a “non-selective” weed killer dries out everything it touches. Selective weed killers target particular plans, so you should recognize what varieties of weeds are growing in your yard. The many common species of weeds vary by region, yet they can be divided into two general categories:

Broadleaf lawn weeds (annual and perennial)Grassy lawn weeds

The differences between the two room germination periods, survival time and plant structure. Dandelions and also clover, for example, room broadleaf weeds, and crabgrass and sedge are grassy lawn weeds. A weed killer that might kill broadleaf ground-cover could be ineffective on crabgrass. For the typical lawn gardener, it’s helpful to determine which classification of weeds are cultivation in your lawn so you’ll understand the intricacy of their root structures and how best to kill them.

Selectivity has the potential the weakening a weed killer (though that will conserve your grass), and also as us were make the efforts to identify which weed killer was the finest overall, we tested both selective and also non-selective weed killers.

Concentrate vs. Ready-to-use

We tested concentrates that have to be diluted alongside ready-to-use products. Concentrates have to be combined in a different application bottle, and, if instructions speak to for it, a surfactant like dish soap have the right to be added. Many civilization with huge yards use concentrates for making bulk quantities of solution, which is an ext cost effective than buying many bottles the pre-mixed weed killer. Ready-to-use assets are equipped with their very own nozzles and also sprayer mechanisms, which we found advantageous for little yards.

Whether you use concentrate or ready-to-use is entirely your preference (we didn’t notification any efficiency trends), but carefully keep in mind the safety equipment and storage demands for handling concentrated products. The expense savings might not be precious the hassle and risk.

Application nozzle (if applicable)

For ready-to-use weed killers through an applicator, think about the type of spray you’ll be obtaining from the nozzle. Some have a focused spray because that targeting particular plants and their roots. Various other nozzles sheathe a more comprehensive area, oftentimes prefer a mist.

Coverage (land area)

Whether the weed killer is in concentration or ready-to-use form, the amount of its soil coverage per container could vastly differ. As a general rule, concentrates space higher-priced but are ideal for large plots the land. Ready-to-use varieties, i m sorry have currently been diluted, are much better for little yards.

How we tested

Over the food of a week, us tested nine different post-emergent weed killers, 5 conventional and four natural or organic, in a backyard ~ above broadleaf and grassy weeds. We applied the weed killers on a clear day when there was no rain in the projection for at the very least 48 hours. Throughout preparation, application and also observation of the weed killers, these room the main determinants we considered:


To prepare, we check out each booklet the weed killer instructions thoroughly, and noted how clean they were. If we were left with any questions or had to perform supplemental research, us counted this versus the products.

We likewise factored in prep time from opened the package to lawn application, and whether we necessary special tools to prepare the weed killer. Ours ready-to-use weed killers necessary no preparation prior to use, while preparing concentrates forced funnels, mindful measurement and also thorough mixing. Taking care of concentrates also required extra protective devices like gloves in part cases..


During application of every weed killer, we took notes on how an overwhelming it was to use the encourage amount that weed killer come plants, and also how challenging it to be to regulate or adjust the field of coverage.


Use of herbicides ~ above an commercial scale requires training, for this reason it’s equally essential to take proper precautions once using castle in your backyard.

During testing, we listed which chemicals would certainly be harmful come ingest or touch, especially in family members with pet and little children that play in the yard, and also checked just how long we needed to wait prior to our yards became safe again. Every weed killer we tested had labels for application, storage and mixing, which us heeded and also considered as component of our decision-making process.


We experiment 18 same sections (four square feet each) of lawn area, 2 for every weed killer. The majority of weeds in each section were dandelions, broadleaf dock, crabgrass and bluegrass. Us sprayed each form of weed killer end one section and also left all nine sections alone for four hours. If making use of a concentrate, we combined it according to directions and applied it v a direct-spray nozzle to spread out the mixture.

After 4 hours, we returned and recorded our initial intuitive results. Our primary indicators of effectiveness were: browning, wilting, and yellowing. ~ 24 hours, we again recorded visual results, and using lawn gloves, brushed away any plants that had actually been visibly influenced by the spray. Below we tried to find whether weeds to be breaking ~ above contact, and also whether the roots had loosened in ~ all.

We went to twice a day afterwards for a week, which was the best time duration for the weed killers we selected; if castle hadn’t operated by then, we significant it a failure.

Consumer evaluate reported that sometimes a product worked well for one user and not for another, or the product had inconsistent results. We chose to test 2 squares at a time because that each product, and with one exception, our outcomes were the same throughout both testing patches.

As we tested, it became clear the if there to be no visible results after 2 days, the weed killer to be unlikely to job-related at all. There were three key tiers of performance: the weed killer worked completely by death 100% of the weeds, worked a very small amount or didn’t work at all. Once it pertained to eliminating weeds with herbicides, the process was commonly all or nothing.


A an essential factor in our choice of ideal weed killer was price. We bought different quantities of each product because that testing, and also because some were concentrated and some ready-to-use, we wanted to know just how much land, theoretically, each party of weed killer could cover because that its cost.

We calculated expense per ready-to-use gallon, which equates to just under 1000-square-feet of yard coverage. Our many economical choice was the Roundup concentrate, at roughly 80 cent per gallon of blended weed killer, carefully followed by Compare-N-Save in ~ $1.01 every gallon.

ProductPricePer 1000 Square Feet
Southern Ag$17.42$.54
Ortho - Weed B Gon$31.99$.99
Natural Armor$12.95$8.63
Green Gobbler$27.99$6.99
Doctor Kirchner$38.99$9.74

Best weed killer overall: Compare-N-Save


Of the weed killers we tested, Compare-N-Save – Conventrate Weed & Grass Killer was the fastest-acting and also most efficient at loosening roots and wilting plants, and it was likewise the most expense effective.

Compare-N-Save’s clean drawback is the it contains a high level that glyphosate — 41% — that might be hazardous to small children and pets. It’s one of the most reviewed weed-killing commodities on Amazon, and during our testing, we construed why: it worked, and the tiny 16-ounce container returns an impressive 10 gallons that spray. At simply over $1 every gallon, Compare-N-Save is additionally a cost-effective option.

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We saw outcomes after four hours: all the tree in the squares had begun to brown and wilt. Through the finish of the very first 24 hours, every plant appeared fully dead, and many were eliminated without needing to loosen the soil first. By the finish of the second day, we easily pulled out any type of remaining weeds and also even regulated to remove a couple of by simply brushing them away. Together we supposed from a non-selective weed killer, the grass under the weeds was likewise dead.